Solutions To Sore Throat From Air Conditioning

Sore throat from air conditioning may sound very bizarre reasoning during the summertime. As when you expect to enjoy the cool air of an air conditioner this is something that some of us suffer from. 

But it is a fact. Now you must be thinking, what the reasons behind all this misery are? 

One of the common reasons for sore throat can happen while your air conditioner is on is dry air. When the air conditioning is on, it takes away all the moisture from the air leaving it dry. And the flow of dry air can trigger any allergy or cough. 

There are more reasons for this condition to know about it stay with us.

Sore Throat From Air Conditioning

Reasons For A Sore Throat From Air Conditioning

Let us now know all the problems and solutions that cause a sore throat from air conditioning. 

Poor AC Installation

It is essential to see where or how your AC is being installed. The HVAC system needs space to breathe. If you place it in a closed-off area like in your attic, then the HVAC system will not get enough fresh air. 

As a result, dust, debris, and dust will start building, and that stale and contaminated air would be flowing inside, which can cause allergy and cough.

Apart from the HVAC system not getting fresh air, another reason could be installing it close to the water line or an area surrounded by excessive humidity and water. 

Due to this condition, mold and bacterial funguses can grow and get inside the HVAC system. 

Ruptured Duct

Ducts are a series of flexible metal tubes through which air passes from the central heating and the cooling system to flow temperature-treated air in your home. 

Now the tube can get ruptured or even get weathered. If this happens, dust can quickly enter, bypassing the air filter and causing sore throat and other health issues.

Lack Of Maintenance

The process through which the air circulating in your home through the air conditioner is a continuous process until it is turned off. The biggest part that suffers through the process is the air filter. 

The air filter traps the dust and debris and stops the essential part of the HVAC system from getting blocked. Other than that, it also pulls allergens, dander, etc. 

So when the air filters get very dirty, they can’t function properly and hence can’t prevent any dirt, debris, or anything from getting inside the HVAC system. 

And which leads to the flow of dirty and contaminated air and being the cause of sore throat to occur.

Closed Vents

I know that it is vital to close your vents while the air conditioner is on. As we have mentioned before, the air supply process is a continuous process without a stop. 

So while this process goes on, the air flowing can get stale and unhealthy no matter how much it is filtered. The inhalation of the thick air can cause sore throat and many other health issues.

Dry Air

When the air conditioner is on, it takes away the moisture from the air causing the air to get dry. People sensitive to dry air can suffer from sore throats or allergies.

Preventions Regarding Sore Throat From Air Conditioning

Above, we have discussed why you might be suffering from a sore throat due to the air conditioner. Here are some tips to prevent you from suffering from this problem.

  • Scheduled Tune-ups- The technicians recommend that it is essential for the air conditioner to get tuned up twice a year, once in the spring season and once in fall.
  • Air Filter Check- Air Filter is an essential component in the HVAC system. So make sure it is adequately cleaned from time to time and replaced if needed. 
  • Cleaning and Vacuuming- Now, the area you live in may be very dusty, or maybe some construction work is going on in your area, which gets your home dirty or dusty quickly. So make sure to clean and vacuum your house once or twice a week. 


As you are suffering from a sore throat in the summertime, which is very sad and painful, how about I tell you some ways by following them, you may get a little relieved.

  • Stay hydrated- You need to stay hydrated if you suffer from a sore throat due to the air conditioner. So make sure that you are constantly drinking water throughout the day. Doing it will keep you hydrated and help you lessen the pain and inflammation you might be suffering from.
  • Throat Lozenges- If your throat feels itchy or highly sore, you can pop on some lozenges. It will help you in soothing the itchiness and soreness. They contain components like honey, eucalyptus, and mint, which offer soothing effects for your throat. 
  • Humidifier or Vaporizer- The main reason you have a sore throat is the dry air. To get rid of the dry air, you can use a humidifier or vaporizer to ensure the room has enough moisture.


What are the reasons for developing “air conditioner sickness”?

Your house or office may have mold or bacteria in them. The air conditioner may circulate these bacteria within the confined space of your home or office. This could lead to a variety of health issues, including breathing difficulties and sore throats. 

An unclean air conditioning unit can also be a source of mold and bacteria. These may be circulated into your rooms and infect the inhabitants.

Can you get sick from air conditioning blowing on you?

The air blown by your AC unit can contain viruses. These viruses can go through your nostrils and make you ill. Although research is lacking, many experts think that changes in temperature may affect your body’s ability to fight off viruses. 

What makes it worse is the fact that such viruses thrive in drier places. Your AC running can cause your surroundings to become dry. And as such, there comes an increased risk of developing sickness.


Hopefully, the reasons we have presented will help you understand the situation of your sore throat from air conditioning. And if you follow the precautions and solutions we have recommended, it will help you regarding this situation. 

But other than that, always make sure to install your air conditioner in the proper place, maintain the HVAC system properly, and allow some fresh air to enter at times so that the stale air can go away. 

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