All The Solutions To The Air Conditioner Keeps Blowing Fuse In Circuit Board

A fuse works as a safety mechanism to protect an electrical appliance from an excess current surge. However, repeated fuse tripping occurrences are not a good sign. It indicates something is wrong with the air conditioning system. Or even the AC unit itself having issues.

When the fuse of an AC is blowing up repeatedly, it could indicate a range of possible problems. Something as small as dirty air filters, frayed wires, or overused fuses to problems with the electrical components.

In summer (for example), if ACs continuously work for too long hours, motors and capacitors could give in. This, in turn, could cause the fuse to blow up. To avoid future occurrences, regular maintenance of your AC is necessary.

Knowing the exact reasons why the fuse may blow repeatedly is vital. It would be much faster and easier to get your AC fixed if you did so. So let’s get started. 

Air Conditioner Keeps Blowing Fuse In Circuit Board

But What Is A Fuse?

As we mentioned earlier, a fuse is a safety device to protect your appliance against excess current flow. It is made of a glass casing with a wire inside. This wire is very sensitive to temperature changes.

If too large an excess of a current passes within a circuit, the wire inside the fuse melts and breaks. A broken wire results in a broken circuit. This means the current can no longer pass through, and the appliance doesn’t work.

Fuses have different “ratings”. So. fuses melt at a comparatively lower electric current than others. As such, each appliance should be fitted with a fuse that can handle current levels appropriate to theirs.

Possible Reasons Why Air Conditioner Keeps Blowing Fuse In Circuit Board

Time for us to dive deeper into the possible problems and solutions regarding why the air conditioner keeps blowing the fuse in the circuit board. 

Problems With The Capacitor

A capacitor is an electrical component inside your AC. Its job is to regulate the current to the condenser of the AC. One reason the capacitor may malfunction could be due to the motor not giving good service. 

The AC motor could get blocked or wear or tear for long-term usage. This puts more pressure on the ac capacitor. And if the capacitor is not working properly, the condenser is affected. Since the capacitor regulates the current flow, it would blow up the fuse if it cannot do its job properly.

Another reason the AC capacitor may malfunction is the condenser itself. Unclean coils can put added strain onto the capacitor, which in turn would blow off the fuse. 

If your AC is repeatedly blowing your circuit board’s fuse off, the capacitor can be a potential culprit. Anything that would cause trouble in the capacitor could be a reason for the fuse to blow up.

Dirt Inside The AC Unit

As previously mentioned, dirty coils in the condenser can cause the fuse to Built-up dirt in the air filter might as well be a point of concern. A dirty air filter pressurizes the AC fan to blow air with more strength. 

This happens because air cannot easily pass through the clogged filters and needs to be pushed harder. Putting so much strain on the AC for too long hours can cause the fuse to give in. 

Low Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a chemical in an AC that absorbs heat from the surrounding air and dissipates it outside. Naturally, your AC unit would struggle to do its job if it doesn’t have enough refrigerant. 

Your AC could be low on refrigerant due to a leak. If that is the case, the overworked AC unit will cause the fuse to blow up. 

Irregular Electricity Fluctuations

The temperature of the wires may change sporadically within the circuit box. This can expand and contract the wires too often and cause them to loosen up. Loose wires can cause electricity not to channel properly and cause the fuse to snap.

Speaking of wires, it is possible wires within the AC unit itself may have loosened up. That may cause a short circuit and a sudden jump in current. And as a result, the fuse pops.

Problems Within The Fuse

It is also very likely possible the fuse itself has issues, rather than your AC unit. Typically a fuse has a life expectancy of around 10-30 years. Regardless, continuous usage would cause the fuse to weaken. And as a result, the fuse would break open. 

We have mentioned earlier that a fuse is designed to handle only a certain level of current. If you fit in a fuse below the current rating of the AC, the fuse would keep breaking.

Things To Do 

Open the AC unit. If you see the filters are dirty, obviously clean them first. You would also like to take a closer look at the unit’s electronic circuit itself. If you see any visible damage you should get it fixed. 

Also, don’t forget to clean the outdoor unit. Debris within the outdoor unit can hinder the AC from functioning properly. Wirings are also a common source of the problem. Get it fixed if you see frayed or damaged wires inside or outside the unit itself. 

Finally, reset your breaker or replace the fuse connected to the AC. You would need a qualified technician to help you in all regards. Please do not attempt to solve technical problems yourself, as it may do more harm than good. 


How do I stop my AC from blowing fuses?

You need to keep regular maintenance of your AC. Things like cleaning the AC filters and checking the breaker box or fuses are essential. These things must be done periodically and frequently. That way, early signs of wear and tear can be identified much quicker and prevent further damages to the AC.

Why does my 3 amp fuse in my AC keeps blowing?

There could be some problems with the transformer. If there is a low voltage fuse, then there may have been a short circuit somewhere in the condenser. As a result, the fuse is blowing away. Another reason could be wiring issues with the thermostat. Broken or incorrect wiring can also be a cause for the fuse to repeatedly blow up.


It can be a very difficult situation if your AC fuse keeps breaking off. Especially in hot summers when any damage to your AC can spell dread in your mind. We hope to have been able to help you with this article. 

Reasons for your AC fuse to blow up could range anywhere from dirty parts to damaged electrical components. And to prevent future occurrences, regular maintenance is necessary. And finally, whenever in doubt, always have a technician look after your issues and fix the problem. 

Also, mind your AC’s age. It is obviously not designed to work forever! If it has been anywhere around 15-20 years, you may have to let your AC go. Nonetheless, we sincerely hope your AC is working perfectly fine, once again!   

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