How To Heat Up An Uninsulated Garage

If winter is near and you have not got enough time to insulate, you must be concerned about how to heat up an uninsulated garage. 

There are different space heaters available specially made for heating up an uninsulated garage or an open space. These heaters are mainly propane or gas space heaters. To heat an uninsulated garage, an electric heater can also be used. This electric heater can use up to 5000 to 10000 watts an hour.

Heating up an uninsulated garage is quite similar to heating up any other open space. Due to not having proper insulation, it just takes more time and more energy to heat up the place.

How To Heat Up An Uninsulated Garage

Insulated Vs. Uninsulated Garage

In winter-prone countries, garage walls are made of multiple layers. These layers can be double or triple layers. In these layers, materials are highly non-conducting off heat. They help to keep the produced heat inside the garage. Thus, the garage remains warm and cozy.

When a garage is not provided with multiple layered walls, then they are seat to be uninsulated. An uninsulated garage fails to keep the temperature at a static state. In this position, the central space heater will fail to heat up the garage. Due to the conduction of heat, the temperature will not rise to a substantial degree.

Without a proper heating facility, you are definitely going to feel unwilling to work in your garage.

Why Is It Necessary To Heat Up Your Garage?

During the winter season, when you have a warm cozy atmosphere inside your home, you’ll desire to do your daily chores. In the same way, when it’s cold outside, you would want to have a warm space inside your garage.

If you are passionate about your car, you will always feel the necessity to maintain it regularly. Mainly during the winter, you will need to take some extra care of your vehicle. To keep up the maintenance process, you will spend your weekend or free time at your garage. And to do it comfortably, you’ll need to warm up your garage.

On the other hand, if the temperature of your area gets relatively low during the winter season, you will need a warm garage to keep your vehicle’s battery working. Cold and wet weather can harm your vehicle’s battery. Even the motor engine and some parts of the cars need to be warm to work correctly.

This is why it’s essential to keep your garage warm with the help of a space heater.

Heating Up An Uninsulated Garage

To heat up an uninsulated garage requires some extra steps, but it’s not impossible. These steps might need some extra money or effort. Still, they will be worth it. Here are some ways you can heat up your uninsulated garage.

Overhead Heater

An overhead tube heater works using a radiation method to heat up a place. 

The specialty of this kind of heater is that they don’t heat up the air first. Instead, they warm up the atmosphere surrounding it after radiating temperature to the objects present in the garage. These objects can hold the temperature in the garage for a considerable amount of time.

As in an uninsulated garage, the air passage is easy. Thus, heating the objects helps to hold the temperature of the garage. But it doesn’t ensure a perfect warm temperature for a long time. Overhead tube heaters can be a bit on the expensive side as well.

Setting Up A Fireplace

Using an old fireplace setting can also be a good choice for heating up an uninsulated garage. This kind of fireplace uses wood and coal to heat up its surroundings and deliver a cozy atmosphere as well.

The fireplace will require some extra safety measures, but they will be useful to heat up a larger area like a garage. To install this fireplace, you have to maintain the other fire securities that come with the setting.

Gas Or Propane Heater

Gas or propane heaters are suitable for places like the garage. They come in several varieties and ranges, which will allow you to use them in your garage. They are pretty useful for indoor use, both in your garage and living room.

Torpedo propane heaters can be an option to use in an uninsulated garage. It works by sucking up cold air and releasing hot air. However, be sure to keep the usage under moderation since the devices are prone to causing accidents.

Tips To Use A Space Heater On An Uninsulated Garage

No matter where you are using your space heater or what kind of space heater you are using you must be cautious of one thing, and that is fire. Taking the following precautionary steps, you can save your life.

  • Make sure while you are using the space heater in your garage, keep it away from flammable material.
  • Even if the materials are not flammable, always maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet from the space heater.
  • Try to choose a space heater that does not heat up its own body while heating up the space.
  • Try to keep your children and pets away from the heater. In some cases touching the heater can burn off their skin.
  • If you are using a fireplace, make sure it has been cooled down while you are not in your garage.
  • Do not leave your gas or propane heater turned on when you are not in your garage during the night.
  • Torpedo propane heaters are pretty powerful and hazardous. Remember to use them only when you have no other alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I insulate my garage cheaply?

There are many ways you can insulate your garage, but the cheapest way is to use fiberglass roll insulation. It is not only the most affordable but also the easiest way to insulate your garage.

Why is my garage so cold?

When your garage is not insulated, it has a free passage of air. The cold air gets into the garage and reduces the temperature there. Thus, your uninsulated garage can end up feeling pretty cold, especially during winter.

Are heated garages worth it?

A heated garage keeps your vehicles and your motor parts safe in winter. If you use your garage for storage purposes, a heated environment can keep your necessary items dry and sound. So, it’s definitely a worthy investment for the long-term.

What is the most cost-effective way to heat a garage?

A portable space heater can be the most cost-efficient way to heat a garage. They can be reused when necessary. When done with your work in the garage, you can carry them inside your home.

Final Words

Heating an uninsulated garage is quite expensive and takes a lot of effort. The downfall is that all the methods work temporarily. It is safe and cheaper to insulate your garage.

All these methods are for temporary use. If you want to keep using these methods for a long time, it will cost you a lot of money. Also, they are going to be bad for your health in the long run.  Thus, it’s ideal to insulate your garage as soon as possible if you want to heat up your garage in a sustainable solution.

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