Ecobee Thermostat Not Turning On AC

Welcome to the world of smart thermostats, where devices like the Ecobee Thermostat aim to provide comfort and convenience, all while ensuring energy efficiency. These intelligent devices have become a vital component of modern homes, connecting to various systems, including your air conditioning (AC) unit, to maintain an optimal living environment.

An essential part of this device’s functionality is controlling your AC. However, certain issues might prevent your Ecobee Thermostat from turning on your AC, even when the indoor temperature is uncomfortably high. These issues could be attributed to various causes, including incorrect thermostat settings, improper wiring, or the AC system itself.

Being a smart device, the Ecobee Thermostat is designed with intricate technology, and understanding the relationship between the thermostat and your AC is crucial. When functioning correctly, it can transform your home into an oasis of comfort, adjusting the temperature to meet your specific needs while maintaining an eye on energy efficiency.

Ecobee Thermostat’s Function

As a pivotal part of home automation, the Ecobee Thermostat performs the critical role of maintaining your home’s temperature to ensure optimal comfort. Unlike traditional thermostats, the Ecobee Thermostat is equipped with smart capabilities, allowing you to remotely adjust temperature settings through a smartphone app or by voice commands when paired with compatible devices.

It also factors in the external weather conditions, the home’s energy profile, and your comfort preferences to deliver an efficient performance.

The thermostat has two key components that help it deliver these functionalities. The first is a set of sensors that detect the current temperature and occupancy of your home.

The second is a processor and firmware that interpret the sensor data, compare it against your settings, and command the HVAC system accordingly. This harmonious coordination ensures that your living space remains at the desired temperature, whether you are at home or away.

Benefits of Ecobee Thermostat

The Ecobee Thermostat offers numerous advantages that make it a worthy addition to any modern home. It boasts an array of features that not only promote convenience but also contribute to energy efficiency.

Remote Access and Control

One of the significant advantages is the ability to control your home’s temperature from anywhere. With the Ecobee app installed on your smartphone, you can adjust the thermostat settings even when you’re away from home. This means you can return to a comfortably cooled or heated home without wasting energy while you were away.

Energy Savings

By learning your schedule and temperature preferences, the Ecobee Thermostat optimizes your HVAC system’s operation, reducing energy wastage. Its ‘Follow Me’ feature uses the thermostat’s sensors to detect which rooms are occupied and adjusts the temperature accordingly, further contributing to energy savings.

Integration with Home Automation Systems

Ecobee Thermostat works seamlessly with the most popular home automation systems, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. This means you can control the thermostat with voice commands or integrate it with other smart home devices for a fully automated experience.

Features of the Ecobee Thermostat

The Ecobee Thermostat is packed with features designed to enhance user convenience and system efficiency. These include:

Smart Home/Away

This feature uses motion detection to determine if your home is occupied or vacant, adjusting the temperature to save energy without compromising comfort.

Follow Me

With this feature, the Ecobee Thermostat uses its sensors to focus on the rooms that are occupied, ensuring the most comfortable temperature in the spaces where it matters most.

Weather Impact

The Ecobee Thermostat uses local weather data to make smart decisions about your home’s heating and cooling, helping to reduce energy usage.

Free Cooling

This feature utilizes cooler outdoor air to cool down your home, thereby saving air conditioning costs.

Ecobee Thermostat's Function

AC Control via Ecobee Thermostat

Controlling the AC is a crucial aspect of the Ecobee Thermostat’s functionality. When connected correctly, the Ecobee Thermostat communicates with your AC unit, sending signals to activate or deactivate it based on the temperature settings you have chosen.

Role of Ecobee Thermostat in AC Control

In its role as the intermediary between you and your AC unit, the Ecobee Thermostat does a phenomenal job of maintaining optimal temperature conditions. The device tracks the room’s temperature and, once it detects a variance from the set temperature, signals the AC unit to kick in.

The thermostat continuously monitors the temperature, and once the desired conditions are achieved, it instructs the AC unit to turn off, thereby conserving energy. This constant communication ensures that your home remains comfortable and your energy bills stay in check.

Importance of Proper Connection

A correct connection between the AC unit and the Ecobee Thermostat is essential for effective temperature control. The thermostat relies on a series of wires to communicate with your home’s HVAC system. Incorrect wiring can disrupt this communication, leading to issues such as the AC not turning on, even when the thermostat indicates it should.

If you’re installing the thermostat yourself, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s wiring instructions carefully. Different AC systems may require different wiring setups, so ensure you’re following the correct instructions for your specific model. In cases where you’re uncertain, it’s best to hire a professional installer to avoid potentially damaging your AC unit or thermostat.

Issues with Ecobee Thermostat and AC

Even the best devices can sometimes run into issues. The Ecobee Thermostat not turning on the AC is a problem homeowners might face.

Common Problems

These issues can range from wiring problems, software bugs, AC malfunctions, or even incorrect thermostat settings.

Specific Issue: Thermostat Not Turning On AC

One specific problem is the Ecobee Thermostat not triggering the AC unit. This can be caused by a multitude of factors, including power issues, wiring faults, or a glitch in the thermostat’s firmware.

Troubleshooting Steps

The good news is most of these problems can be resolved through a few simple troubleshooting steps.

Preliminary Check-ups

  • Check if the Ecobee Thermostat and AC unit are both receiving power.
  • Make sure the temperature set on the Ecobee Thermostat is below the room’s current temperature.

Resetting Ecobee Thermostat

A simple reset can often solve many electronic device issues. In the Ecobee Thermostat’s settings menu, you will find the option to reset it.

Assessing the Wiring

Check the wiring between the AC unit and the thermostat. Make sure there are no loose connections, frayed wires, or damaged terminals.

Thermostat Firmware Update

Outdated firmware can lead to compatibility issues. Ensure your Ecobee Thermostat is updated with the latest firmware.

AC Unit Inspection

Lastly, there might be a problem with the AC unit itself. Check for any obvious signs of malfunction.

Benefits of Ecobee Thermostat

When to Call a Professional

Certain problems require expert attention. If the issues persist after performing the above steps, it’s best to call a professional.

Problem Beyond Basic Troubleshooting

Advanced issues, such as electrical circuit problems, require a qualified technician’s expertise.

Safety Concerns

Dealing with electrical appliances poses certain risks. If you are uncomfortable performing any of the steps, seek professional help.

Complex AC or Thermostat Issues

A defective component within the AC unit or thermostat may need to be repaired or replaced. This work is best left to professionals.

Upkeep of Ecobee Thermostat

A regular maintenance routine can help avoid many of these issues in the first place.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your Ecobee Thermostat clean and dust-free, as well as periodic checks for software updates, can go a long way in ensuring its proper functioning.

Firmware Updates

Regularly updating your thermostat’s firmware ensures that it’s equipped with the latest bug fixes and features.

Tips for Longer Lifespan

Avoid placing the thermostat in areas exposed to direct sunlight or draughts. This helps maintain accurate temperature readings and prolongs the device’s lifespan.

Alternative Smart Thermostats

While the Ecobee Thermostat is a top-tier product, it’s worth considering other alternatives in the market.

Nest Thermostat

Renowned for its learning abilities, the Nest Thermostat adapts to your habits over time, improving energy efficiency.

Honeywell Home T9

The Honeywell Home T9 excels in room-by-room temperature control and has a sleek, user-friendly interface.

Emerson Sensi Touch

The Emerson Sensi Touch offers extensive compatibility with HVAC systems and features an easy-to-read color touchscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my AC turn on with my Ecobee Thermostat?

The AC may not turn on due to various reasons, including incorrect thermostat settings, power issues, or faulty wiring.

How can I reset my Ecobee Thermostat?

You can reset the thermostat through its settings menu. Remember to save any custom settings before resetting.

Is it safe to check the wiring of my Ecobee Thermostat myself?

While you can inspect for visible wiring issues, refrain from tampering with electrical connections if you lack the required knowledge. It’s best to hire a professional in such cases.


The Ecobee Thermostat plays a pivotal role in controlling your home’s AC system. Issues like the thermostat not turning on the AC can be troubling, but most can be resolved with a few troubleshooting steps.

When simple fixes don’t solve the problem, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Keeping your thermostat regularly maintained and updated can prevent many such issues.

Exploring other smart thermostats might also be beneficial, as they offer different features and functionalities. Regardless of the choice, a smart thermostat remains a worthy addition to any modern home.

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