AC Drain Line Connected To Plumbing

The device that helps us survive in scorching heat refers to the air conditioner or AC concisely. When we manoeuvre an air conditioner, we often experience that there is an outlet by which water is getting out. 

That outgoing water is for draining purposes. Therefore, we experience an AC drain line connected to plumbing, and water does not spill anywhere else. 

Now let us dive deeper into all the queries and solutions regarding the AC drain line which is connected to the plumbing. 

AC Drain Line Connected To Plumbing

What Does The Drain Water Come From An Air Conditioner? 

Let’s assume a glass full of water. And you add 2-3 ice cubes in it. What will happen next? The water will lose room temperature and start getting colder than before. Within a few seconds, we will experience enormous water drops on the surface of the glass. 

When the water drops are gaining more and more water from the evaporated water in the air. And eventually, the drops of water will start falling. 

Similarly, the pipes causing the flow of cold refrigerants also generate water from the air. And, when the water becomes dense, it falls and drains outside of the room. This is how we get water from the air conditioner. 

Why Must We Connect AC Drain Line To The Plumbing?

We all know that vaporised water is the possible purest water. And, we only get pure water from the air conditioner’s outlet. Nonetheless, the terrifying fact is that the pipes responsible for flowing refrigerant may contain germs and bacteria. 

Moreover, the device responsible for spawning the water from the air conditioner’s coil may contain algae and other harmful bacteria. Most importantly, some CO2 refers to Carbon Dioxide dissolved from room air to the water. 

Hence, we can conclude that the water is not good enough for drinking by humans or any other animal. But, if we desire to recycle the water, we can apply that water to our plants. Since it contains a significant amount of CO2, it is a blessing for some plants which desire to absorb CO2 from the water. 

Thus, we must drain the air conditioner’s water perfectly and attach it to the other end of the pipe with the drain system of our plumb. In addition, we can recycle the water by proper purification or filtering systems.

The best way to drain the water coming from an air conditioner is by avoiding the pipes that are foldable. There are plenty of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride pipes available in the market. You can choose one. 

Just remember one thing, the standard size of PVC pipe for an air conditioner (1/1.5/2 ton) is 20 MM by diameter. 

A question may arise in our mind, why should we not use foldable or flexible pipes? In the scalding heat, the flexible lines become feeble since we all know the law of the expansion of material during positive heat. 

The adjustable tubes are supposed to have a rush bend due to this cause. The curves can clog the water for draining purposes, which is enormously harmful to an air conditioner. 

And another reason is that a leak rises while manoeuvring the air conditioner and water gets inside the room.

Another reason for avoiding flexible pipes is the dust adhesion in the drain line. Moreover, it is quite a complex process to remove the union of dust or the clogging particles. 

But in the rigid PVC pipes, these kinds of bends do not occur at all due to being straight and inflexible in the scalding summertime. Moreover, there is a significantly slim chance to form a union of the dust and unwanted particles in the drain lines. 

How To Shape The Best Drain Line?

Therefore, I mentioned the best pipes to use to eject the water that an air conditioner produces during the operation. And there is no alternative to rigid pipes. You can either choose a PVC pipe or a metal one. 

The Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are the sovereign choice since it is hard, tolerable towards a scalding temperature and more reasonable than the metal pipes. 

I wonder if you ever heard of the U shape ejection system. It is an effective system that helps a proper erection with several benefits. The general design looks similar to the U shape. And, one end is taller than the other end. 

The taller end is adjacent to the air conditioner’s water draining outlet. And the other end is for attaching points with the drain system. The measurement of the U valve can be at most 5 inches. 

About the benefits of U shape valves, the first one is the prevention of vaporised gas that may enter the room through the outlet of the air conditioner. Since the valve contains water constantly, the unwanted particles stick with it while entering—the same rule for the gas from the air. 

The second most significant benefit is the prevention of entrance of the insects. Due to a water block, the insect can’t enter the room or inside the air conditioner. The existence of insects can damage the air conditioner massively and cost you a lot to fix.


Can an AC drain line be connected to plumbing? 

Of course, we can attach the drain line of our air conditioners to the plumbing. But, we must use PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride pipes to establish the connection to the plumbing.
Otherwise, it can cause a union of dust at the ending point of the drain line and the joining point of plumbing.

Where should the AC drain line go?

There are plenty of ways you can drain the water from an air conditioner. Firstly, you can drain it into your garden, since this water is fresh and may contain more CO2 than usual water. 

Secondly, you can fetch a line by PVC pipe and establish a connection to the plumbing system. And, you can also drain the water in the reservoirs near you. But, make sure all the water that the air conditioner is producing is draining properly.


The draining system of an air conditioner is much more vital than we can imagine. An improper drainage system can cause water drops falling from the air condition inside the room. 

Moreover, water that sticks to the draining area can produce algae and bacteria inside the air conditioner. And eventually it can hamper our health by the inhalation process.

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