How Long Can I Keep An Oil Heater On

Oil heaters are pretty famous among all types of space heaters. They are widely used in bedrooms and other small areas. In winter, all of us like a warm environment at home. So, the oil heaters have to stay on all day. Out of curiosity, you may think – how long can I keep an oil heater on?

You can keep the oil heater on all night long because of safe manufacturing precautions. The oil heater is covered with metal that radiates a modest amount of heat. It also has an internal pressure control vessel so that the oil doesn’t evaporate due to heat. You need to stay cautious because of safety hazards and potential risks because such machines can easily malfunction.

Well, you can use an oil heater all day. But don’t get carried away because of its safety features.

How Long Can I Keep An Oil Heater On

Can You Always Keep Your Oil Heater Active?

Typically, an oil heater is safe to keep on always. Some regions remain cold most of the time of the year. That’s why in winter, people love to stay warm, especially at night. So, the oil heater stays on constantly. 

And it is natural to think how long can I keep an oil heater on? Well, don’t worry because the oil heater has overheating protection.

The metal structure of the oil heater controls the radiated heat and reduces overheating issues. It needs a considerable amount of time to heat up and cool down. So, it’s not always necessary to keep the heater always active.

How Is It Safe to Always Keep On?

As you have now learned that you can keep your oil heater on overnight, you may think how it’s safer than other heaters, right?

First of all, the oil heaters are made of thick metal layers. These metal layers absorb the heat slowly and radiate the heat for a long time. It helps to avoid any noticeable overheating issues.

The vessel of the oil heater can control the internal pressure that comes from the heated oil. Even if the pressure increases because of heating the oil, the vessel can easily stable the pressure. So, there’s no chance of blast or cracks.

Lastly and most importantly, the oil used in the heater is not exceptionally flammable. Therefore, there is no risk of fume or dangerous gas production while using it overnight.

What Are the Possible Risks of Keeping an Oil Heater On?

Even though the oil heaters are pretty safe to use for a long time and all night long, there are always some risks that you need to be aware of. Here are a few cases when you should be careful:

Always Use the Safe Oil

Two types of oil can be used in an oil heater. They are radiant oil and natural oil such as kerosene or propane. 

If you use a propane-based oil heater, you should not leave the heater on while sleeping. These oils produce fumes and there are always risks of fire.

On the other hand, radiant oils are the best to use in the heater. They have a high boiling point and don’t produce any fumes.

Potential Risks

The fuel oil heaters can easily cause fire when they get in touch with anything flammable. Even a radiant oil heater can cause a fire if it tips over and you are not there to shut it off. It will ignite the flammable objects and cause a fire.

Therefore, you always have to ensure that there’s no flammable object within a five-foot radius of where you place the heater.


As the oil heater is a machine and runs through electricity, it can malfunction at any time. The electric coils may overheat due to low-quality materials and cause a fire. So, it’s better to avoid overnight usage if the device is a bit old and is prone to malfunction.

Dry Skin and Thirst

Even if your oil heater is safe to use all night, you’ll face other problems eventually – like dry skin, frequent thirst, skin irritation, and rarely allergic reaction.

Using the oil heater all the time will make your skin dry because it won’t have any chance to get moisture. And you will feel thirst repeatedly because of that. Sometimes too much of a warm environment can cause skin irritation too. If you are allergic to high heat, you should avoid overnight heater usages.

Alternate Ways to Use an Oil heater

So, how long can I keep an oil heater on? Well, there’s no time limit if you are using a proper one. Even if there are risks, you can always avoid those by using these methods:

Automatic Switch

Modern oil heaters come with an automatic switch and timer. Therefore, you can set the temperature you want and set the timer of how long you want the heater active. It will stabilize the temperature and automatically switch off the oil heater when the timer beeps.


There’s another alternative – that is, to pre-heat the oil heater. As the heater takes a considerable time to raise the temperature and cool down, you can switch it on long before going to bed to achieve a comfortable warmth.

Then turn off the heater and it will gradually reduce the temperature but that will take much longer. The warmth will be enough for your sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does an oil heater use lots of electricity?

An oil heater consumes a lot of power because the oil gets heated through electricity. The oil then absorbs heat for a long time to radiate all over the surroundings. 
That’s why, at first, the heater needs lots of electricity. But it uses less electricity than halogen heaters.

Which one is better, between oil and electric heater, to use in the bedroom?

Of course, an electric heater is always better than an oil heater if you are going to put it in your bedroom. That’s because electric heaters can easily manage to radiate heat in small areas. And it will also use more electricity than halogen or oil heaters.

Are oil heaters eco-friendly?

Yes, the oil heaters are environmentally friendly. In the oil heater, no fuel type oil is used to radiate the heat. Therefore, no fumes such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide are produced due to heat. And the pressure chamber controls the pressure of heated oils.

Is an oil heater better than a halogen heater?

It depends on the space you are going to put it in and how much electricity you are willing to use. 
If the heater is for your bedroom, you can use an oil heater and it will consume less electricity. But if you use the heater in the hall room, a halogen heater will be appropriate.

Where should I put the oil heater in my room?

You can put the oil heater in the corner or the center of your room. If the oil heater stays beside your bed, it may seem comfortable. But gradually you will feel uncomfortable because of the heat and feel thirsty very frequently.

Bottom Line

Oil heaters are pretty handy and a necessity in winter. And who doesn’t want to stay warm always? Then the question arises due to safety issues – how long can I keep an oil heater on?

Well, it turns out that you can always keep the heater on if you have a safe oil-based one to use and you don’t care about your bills. Stay warm and enjoy the winter!  

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