How To Dispose Of A Space Heater? Five Different Types

A disposing space heater that includes metal material is always confusing.

 Generally, a space heater with 80 percent metals should be recycled. And if the space heater is made of mostly plastic/ wood, simply dispose of it in the trash.

How to dispose of a space heater properly will depend on the heater material. Heaters that include hazardous materials shouldn’t be disposed of in a regular way. There are several professional services that can help you to dispose of those heaters. Either the heater is hazardous, old or out of trend, such services can help you get through this. 

Before you contact any professional waste disposal service, make sure you’ve identified the space heater type. 

How to dispose of a space heater

Why is disposing of space heaters a big concern?

Well, you might ask what the specific things about space heaters that make disposing of so big an issue are. Not all types of space heaters need to be disposed of professionally. Some can be disposed of at home in safe trash.

Space heaters that include hazardous materials are threatening to dispose of usual trash. If the heater is mostly made of metal, it can get hot and cause damages. Moreover, you can’t detach the materials. It can be dangerous as well.

For such heaters, you will need to grab the help of professionals. Sometimes, the heaters that include harmful elements such as oil, fuel can cause pollution to the environment. Such pollution is never expected just because of your unawareness.

You must make sure you’re disposing of the space heater properly to ignore all hazardous issues and environmental pollution. 

Types of space heaters: 

Each type of space heater has its own way of being disposed of. Some might include hazardous material, and some might be safe. You better know what the types of space heaters available are. 

Give a quick check over these popular types of space heaters:

  • Kerosene space heater
  • Electric space heater
  • Infrared space heater 
  • Oil-filled space heater
  • Ceramic space heater

How to dispose of a space heater? : Five Different Types:

If you’re worried about disposing of an old space heater, make sure you’re following the right way. Not all types of space heaters can be disposed of. Usually, Some have to be disposed of professionally. Learn here how to dispose of space heaters in different ways: 

How to dispose of the Kerosene space heater?

You’ll have to contact a professional waste disposing of the center for kerosene space heaters. Kerosene space heaters include hazardous elements. The extra fuel and kerosene can harm the environment. You have to get rid of the extra kerosene quickly. 

How to dispose of an Electric space heater?

Electric heaters can be disposed of in the usual way. They don’t include any hard/ threatening elements that will need professional help. This type of space heater is mainly built with plastic materials. These are cheap enough as well. So, you can easily think of it as home trash.

How to dispose of an Infrared space heater?

Infrared heaters are also quite cheap and easy to dispose of. These include 80% plastic elements. Such heaters usually use quartz and ceramic as their working system. These elements are not that tough to dispose of. So, you can use household trash to dispose of them. Infrared heaters are not that dangerous at all.

How to dispose of an Oil-filled space heater?

Well, oil-filled heaters include hazardous elements. The oils are pretty tough to remove without professional machinery. Moreover, such heaters include more than 80% metal bodies. If your trash this oil in household trash, it will include massive danger and flammable threats. You better contact professionals to dispose of such oil-filled heaters safely.

How to dispose of Ceramic space heater?

Ceramic space heaters are quiet and cheap as well. They can be disposed of by house trash. Such heaters are affordable as well. But, if the ceramic heater you’re using is huge in size, you might have to contact the pickup service. And if the heater is compact, dispose of it in house trash. 

Tips for disposing of space heaters:

  • Check the space heater details for identifying the material. 
  • If your space heater is made of mixed material, notice if most of the part is metal or not. For metal and hazardous space heaters, you must make an appointment with CSWD. 
  • Plastic / nonhazardous space heaters can be disposed of as usual trash. You don’t have to make any professional appointments.
  • For recycling your space heater scrap material, you won’t cost any penny. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I recycle the space heater at home?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely recycle space heater scrap materials. But it won’t be a good idea to do the job at home. There are a lot of recycling services that offer home pickup and disposal services. 

Question: Should you dispose of a propane heater at home?

Answer: No, propane heaters might include some hazardous and contaminating elements. It would massively help if you got rid of fuel, gas or other hazardous ingredients safely before trashing it. And, disposing of house trash can spread the environment. Water pollution. 


Space heaters are always quite popular and efficient heating supplements. But when it comes to disposing of those old/broken space heaters, it’s quite a challenge. Hopefully, now you’re aware of how to dispose of a space heater. Make sure you’re following the proper procedure for your space heater.

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