The Air Conditioner Starts Then Stops After Only A Few Seconds

Every air conditioner owner must have experienced this “short cycling” issue In their life. Whenever your air conditioner starts and stops after a few moments without fully cooling your house, this is a common HVAC problem known as short cycling.

Even if it is addressed as a common issue, you can’t just ignore it. It indicates that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Apart from this, if you don’t fix the issue quickly, you will end up paying more electric bills and more wear and tear in your AC unit.

So, the question is, what could be the actual reason that causes short cycling? Well- we got you covered. This article will discuss some common causes of short cycling and how you can fix the issue. To find the answer, read the full article

Air Conditioner Starts Then Stops After Only A Few Seconds

Why Do My Air Conditioner Start And Stop (Short-Cycling)

Short cycling means your air conditioner starts and stops a cooling cycle too early. This issue forces your air conditioner to run a cooling cycle too quickly, ending them before your house is properly cooled. And this stops and starts problem goes on and on and you end up losing energy efficiency. So, let’s take a deeper look at the reasons-

Thermostat Issue

The thermostat is a significant part of an AC unit. The cooling of your house entirely depends upon this compound. The thermostat’s job is to read the room temperature and regulate the temperature of an entire room. If there is an issue with your thermostat, it won’t work as you expected.

If it doesn’t give the correct room temperature and send the s wrong info, the cooling system will start and stop after some time without cooling the room. If your thermostat is losing battery power, it will get weaker and will allow the air conditioner to switch on and off randomly.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters could get dirty very easily. Air wouldn’t be able to move properly if your filter gets dirty. Once the airflow gets reduced, the AC unit will work harder to meet the shortage. This will stress the compressor and the blower motor. When these parts overheat, it will force the system to shut down, leading to a short cycle.

Apart from that, a clogged air filter will allow the dust particles into the heating system. This will reduce the air circulation of your window air conditioners and can lead to issues like short cycling.

Refrigerant Problem

The refrigerants job is to absorb the heat so the thermostat can respond to the temperature changes in the house. So, whenever there is an issue with refrigerants like refrigerant leaks, it won’t be able to complete its job.

It is a common problem in air conditioners. Refrigerants leaks could also cause low pressure in the AC unit and a faulty compressor. Whenever there are insufficient refrigerants, the pressure level of the compressor becomes unpredictable. All of this will directly lead to a short cycle. The short circle might last for 10 to 15 minutes.

Electrical Issue

This is another reason for headache, not only for the AC unit but also for every electrical appliance. If your air conditioner is well maintained and yet it is malfunctioning, then the reason behind this could be an electrical problem.

It happens mainly due to defective wiring in the unit. Whenever you see such issues, call out to a professional to assist.

Defective Capacitor

The capacitors regulate the AC unit to turn on and off with its energy. Hence, if there is any problem with the capacitor, it will affect your AC’s workability. That’s because it won’t be able to transmit enough energy to the unit to operate properly. A defective capacitor will make the AC turn on and off intermittently.

How To Stop The Air Conditioner From Short Cycling?

Short cycling happens when the compressor cycles on and off again and again. This usually happens when a cooling cycle ends without cooling the house properly. This could also occur due to the thermostat being too low.

You can prevent this from happening by checking the furnace filter every month and replacing it if needed. Also, check if the blower wheel is clean of debris and dirt. If short cycling persists even after changing the filter call your HVAC company.

If your AC unit is running low on refrigerant. Call the service provider or professionals to repair it. The refrigerant is a toxic element; we strongly discourage the owners from attempting this AC fix.


Why does my air conditioner stop automatically sometimes?

if you see your air conditioner stops automatically after blowing air for a while and starts blowing air after being turned off, it’s likely happening because the thermostat was incorrect. Turn on the AC and wait until it warms up to fix this issue. Then reset the thermostat to the desired setting.

Why does my AC blow cool air and sometimes after blow hot air?

AC units are functioned to blow cool air when it is running. However, if the unit is not functioning correctly, the fan won’t work properly and won’t blow cool air.

How to maintain the window air conditioner properly?

it is crucial to maintain the AC unit properly, and I would suggest checking the air filter regularly and replacing it if necessary. If the air filter gets dirty, cleaning it helps remove the dust particles from the unit.

Wrap Up

We have given some primary reason why your air conditioner starts and stop within a few seconds. If you see any of these problems stated above, we advise you to resolve them with professionals. Always remember to call out for professionals for help.

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