How To Add Thermostat To A Window Air Conditioner

Today’s one of the most complex situations is the heat of summer, and to get rid of the heat, we use the air conditioner. Most of the air conditioners are digital and have artificial intelligence technology in the present time.

Yet, some of us still prefer to install the air conditioner with a thermostat regulating system. However, our golden point today is how to add a thermostat to a window air conditioner.

Generally, we observe that senior citizens prefer the thermostat system air conditioner to the latest digital conditioners. Their notes indicate the complication in the remote system of digital conditioners.

How To Add Thermostat To A Window Air Conditioner

What Is A Thermostat?

There is a device or instrument that we use to regulate or maintain the flow of an air conditioner. We also use this physical instrument for the indifferent purpose of maneuvering fans.

The thermostat is full of plenty of amenities.

  1. First and foremost, it helps us to reduce the energy cost.
  2. There is no alternative instrument to the thermostat to have a constant airflow.
  3. We require an uncomplex manual to keep in mind regarding the operating system.
  4. The most user-friendly instrument for people of all ages with uncomplexed strategies.
  5. Today’s modern thermostats are tolerable towards high volts of electric currents.
  6. It helps to perceive the perfect temperature of the user.

How To Add Thermostat To A Window Air Conditioner- A Complete Guideline

Every installation requires several steps to follow, so does the thermostat. Nonetheless, it is a much more straightforward process that anyone can follow to add a thermostat to a window air conditioner.

There are several easy ways to install a thermostat in your window air conditioner. I am explaining the ways I followed to install.

1. You have to purchase a good quality thermostat. If you buy a poor quality product, it may cost you double. There are plenty of companies that are offering guaranteed thermostats.

The fascinating fact is that these can maneuver both windows and split type air conditioning systems.

So, you can buy one from any renowned brand and start installing by yourself.

2. Get yourself ready to dig by purchasing at least two screws, a drill and a screwdriver. If you have it in your toolbox, skip this step.

3. You have to look for safety. Whether you break the circuit board or not, you must unplug the plug of your window air conditioner.

It is the highest safety one can fetch earlier of the installation. And, one must confirm if the plug is out of the socket or not.

4. Now, remove the cap of your old thermostat. Then you must notice some screws are helping to attach the thermostat. Unscrew all the screws by using a screwdriver. Generally, there are 3-4 screws.

5. Afterwards, you will notice the wires and wiring system. Usually, there are four wires, and the names are R, G, W and Y.

Now take a picture of the wires, just on the off chance you forget where the wires go and mismatch the wiring system.

Label all the wires with paper and attach them. So that you may find ease while installing.

6. Remove the screws which are holding the wires or assist with the attachment on the board.

Now remove the eventual screws which are helping the thermostat to attach to the wall.

7. You can use a blade to cut the paint. And, you must be careful with the blade. Otherwise, it will pop out while you are removing the shell.

8. Then, you should twist or group the wires. Before that, make sure that the wires are steve; otherwise, the wires may go into the wall where they came from. It will make the process more straightforward.

If you face that problem, you can stick a pencil by tieing up the wires. It will hold the wires and prevent going inside.

You may use Now remove the last layer or the last plastic board. The board will come up quickly.

9. Now it’s time for the new thermostat. Attach the holding board of the new one and fetch the wires through it. You can use the level measurer to keep the holder straight.

Now attach the two screws to the wall. If there is no hole, you must drill two holes.

After that, attach the board by using a screwdriver and screws. Then remove the pencil if you are using it to attach it with the wires.

10. You will find that the holding board has inputs to put the wires, including names. After that, make the wires straight to go into the hole quickly. Now attach the wire correctly and tie it up with the screws.

11. Now, batteries in your new thermostat and attach with the holding part. After that, plug the wires of your window air conditioner. It will start automatically and be ready to operate.

General Caution

Installing a thermostat is not less than dealing with electricity. Hence, it is undoubtedly better to ask for the help of a certified mechanic.

One mistake during the whole process can cause severe damage to your window air conditioner.


Do window air conditioners have a thermostat? 

Of course, you can find thermostats in window air conditioners. Moreover, you can find it in all air conditioners regardless of their type. 
Late in 2000, we experienced the decline of the manual thermostat; meanwhile, the digital thermostat had a boom. Therefore, you will get a built-in digital thermostat system in today’s window air conditioner.
On the off chance, if you are using an old model window type air conditioner, you can attach a digital thermostat.

Where is the thermostat on a window air conditioner?

The thermostat generally stays on the front side of the window air conditioner. You can find either a manual thermostat or a digital one. Let’s be more specific, and it is on the right bottom of the front side of an air conditioner. And, that is the right place to find.
Another case can happen; after the malfunctioning of the built-in thermostat, people attach an external thermostat. The external thermostats are easier to install and manoeuvre. Hence, you should seek it. Usually, it stays around 2-3 feet lower from the window air conditioner. If you still can’t find it, you should ask the authorities about it. 


After the installation, make sure that your thermostat is working. Otherwise, you may go to the store from where you purchased the thermostat. And, always select one of those thermostats that have warranty. 

Hope you understood well how to add thermostat to a window air conditioner very easily. 

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