How Long Does A Wick Last In A Kerosene Heater

Are you going to use a kerosene heater for the first time? Then it is important to know how long does a wick last in a kerosene heater. It will help you determine the right time for changing the wick and taking care of the heater.

Check the wick’s top. If you find it burns and gets thinned, then you can replace it. Sometimes a carbon band deposits under the wick’s top and restricts the fuel from passing through it. You may find dry wicks.

However, as the wick is an essential part, its bad condition can damage the heater. So, it needs proper maintenance to keep the heater long-lasting to provide comfortable warmth.

How long does a wick last in a kerosene heater

How does a kerosene wick work?

A wick is made of bundles of fibers. They can absorb enough fuel. However, in a kerosene heater, the wick produces an evaporation area. Wick works as capillary tubes to take fuel from the tank area to the fire area. And the wick burns and produces heat.

So, we see that a wick is a very important part of a kerosene heater. 

How do I know when I need to replace the wick of a kerosene heater?

How long does a wick last in a kerosene heater depends on the condition of the wick? After regular use, the fuel becomes dirty. When the dirty fuel burns, a strong odor comes from the heater. 

Then you feel that the heater does not get enough kerosene supplies. For this reason,  your heater cannot work properly.

To repair the heater, you may need to change the wick. Now see when you should change the part.

  • When you see that the wick gets shabby or thin and cannot produce necessary flames, it is time to change the part.
  • The odor from kerosene heaters can cause by incomplete burning of the fuel. Besides, misuse of kerosene heaters also produces a bad odor and toxic fumes. The fumes contain carbon monoxide. In this condition, there is no way without changing the bad wick.
  • When the carbon loop deposits under the wick, making it an obstacle to pass the fuel through it, your heater will get disturbed. In this case, it is essential to remove the wick.
  • If you find that your wick seems fine but does not work properly, it may be the right time to change it.
  • When you burn the wick in the right way, but your kerosene heater does not work properly, you should check the wick. It may cause star formation. Then change the wick immediately.
  • If you use poor quality fuel, the wick will contaminate quickly. So, when you find an irregular height of the flame and orange flame, you should change the wick.

How to maintain the wick of a kerosene heater?

It is important to maintain a wick to keep your kerosene heater running properly for a long time. There are some types of wick in the market. Fiberglass wick and cotton wick are common. If you use fiberglass wicks, keep your heater outside the home or keep it in a well-ventilated area.

Then keep it running until the fuel burns off. Incomplete burning of leftover kerosene can cause real danger. Thus, the tars and deposits inside the tank will be burnt off with the fuel. You should do the process one time a week as part of kerosene heater maintenance. 

If the wick is made of cotton, dry burning is not essential. You can wipe the top of the wick using a towel and remove the available deposits. When the fuel tank gets dirty, you may get the kerosene smell when you run the heater.

What makes the kerosene heater wick in bad condition?

When a kerosene heater gets dirty, the wick goes bad. When dirt grows inside the heating element, it reduces the heater’s efficiency and damages the parts like the wick. When a wick gets dirty, you should replace the old wick. 

Let’s see the factors that cause wick bad.

  • If you use low-quality kerosene or gasoline, it grows more dirt.
  • It is not a good idea to leave the burner turned on though you do not need the heater for a long time.
  • Besides, if the kerosene container is overloaded, the wick becomes damaged quickly.
  • If the system of the heater does not have the proper adjustment, the wick can get damaged.
  • It is also harmful to clean the burner too frequently. 

So, be aware of these matters and keep your kerosene heater well for a long time.

Is it possible to replace the kerosene heater’s wick?

The heater’s wick can be different in length, thickness and others. Do the Replacement of kerosene heater wick when it is necessary.

To replace it, you should buy one that is near or specific to your heater. If you do not know the specific model, you can measure the length and thickness before purchasing.

How to replace the wick of a kerosene heater

Replacing a wick is not a hard job. You can do it easily by yourself. Let’s see the steps.

  • First, if your heater is turned on, turn it off.
  • Then you have to make the fuel tank empty.
  • Now, take out the old wick and insert the new one into the fuel tank. You should insert it at a 45-degree angle.
  • Then tighten up the wick knobs properly.

Most of the time, the wick lasts for a year. But sometimes, you face a problem and need to replace it.

Final words

To keep the process of the kerosene heater well, you should take care of the wick as an important part. Proper maintenance is important for the wick. Though a wick lasts a long time in a kerosene heater, it also requires replacement. The durability mostly depends on the use of your heater.

However, now you know the necessary information about kerosene heater wicks and how long does a wick last in a kerosene heater. So, when needed, you can take the necessary steps.

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