Burnham Cast Iron Baseboard

Cast iron baseboard heaters are one of the oldest types of heaters available in the market. They came into existence in the 1850s and paved the way for all heaters. Burnham cast iron baseboard is a product of U.S. Boiler Company. They are one of the most popular cast iron baseboard manufacturers.

Burnham cast iron baseboard heaters are known to offer great service with quiet, comfortable, and warm heating. They offer a great service at a low cost. Generally, cast iron heaters are one of the most reliable, long-lasting, and elegant-looking heaters out there.

Here, we will discuss the features of a Burnham cast iron baseboard heater and also explain the step-by-step process of installing one. If you are interested in buying and installing a Burnham cast iron baseboard, then continue reading.

Features of Burnham Cast Iron Baseboard

Burnham cast iron baseboard heaters display all the general features of a cast iron baseboard heater and also some additional features. Let’s go through them one by one.

Low profile package

Burnham cast iron baseboard offers a warm and quiet heating experience and delivers it in a low-profile package. Nothing fancy, yet great service.

Even heat distribution

This is a common feature of all cast iron baseboard heaters, and Burnham cast iron baseboards are no exception. With their heavy metal build, they carry out and dissipate the heat evenly to all corners of the house. These heaters show less than a two-degree variation in temperature.

Burnham Cast Iron Baseboard

Durable design

Cast iron heaters have the most durable and sturdy build among all heaters. Burnham heaters provide the same quality. They are built strong and durable with one piece of cast iron and kept at a low profile.


Another great feature of the Burnham cast iron baseboard. They are corrosion-resistant, ensuring a long service life without needing to be changed.

Quiet operation

This is one of the best features of a cast iron baseboard in general, and Burnham heaters are not deprived of this feature. Burnham cast iron heaters provide warm and quiet heating.

Enough pressure

Burnham Baseray cast iron baseboard heaters can create 30 psi for water and 15 psi for steam, which is excellent. 1 psi can take the water around 2.31 feet above. So, the Burnham heaters can be used for several floors simultaneously.

Elegant look

This is a common feature for all cast iron heaters. Burnham heaters are no different. These heaters are stylish with a vintage look.

Burnham Cast Iron Baseboard Installation

You need to know how to install Burnham cast iron baseboards. Let’s see the process.

Prepare the wall

To prevent heat loss, insulate the stud space behind the assembly with 4” mineral wool batts up to 12” in height. This step is essential if the heater is recessed.

Recess the assembly:

  • Nail a ½” plaster ground to the studding.
  • Keep the bottom of the plaster ground 10” above the floor.
  • Now, line the back of the recess with aluminum foil by stapling the foil with a staple gun.
Burnham Cast Iron Baseboard

Assemble the baseboard:

  • The shipping length can be up to 6″ cast iron baseboard.
  • For longer baseboards, there need to be a few subassemblies.
  • To assemble the subassemblies, line them up faced down on the floor and near the wall where they are to be installed.
  • Clean the nipple ports and nipples with kerosene or gasoline and wipe them off with a cloth.
  • Apply some lubricant on the nipples and insert them into the nipple ports.
  • Tighten them as much as possible.
  • Cut two pieces of 1 ¼” steel pipe 15” long and then place them on the two clamp handles for necessary leverage.
  • Make sure the clamp nose is resting on the bottom of the recess. This is very important.
  • Now simultaneously press the two clamp handles down so that the castings are drawn together.
  • Make sure the clamp is not tilted because that can break the casting.
  • Use a woodblock hammer to ensure that the nipples are drawn evenly.
  • Do not use metal hammers on the baseboard.

Install the baseboard:

  • In the end, install all the fittings in the sections while all the parts are still on the floor.
  • Before raising assemblies to an upright position, install bottom center support. For this, refer to the table of supports provided by the manufacturer.
  • Now install the spring clip bottom center support.
  • Insert the ¼” cap screw into the clip until the head is more or less ¾” from the clip.
  • Place the assemblies in position and fasten them to the wall using top center support. Use the numbers in the table provided by the manufacturer.
  • Now insert the top center support into the air outlet opening using a wood screw.
  • Adjust the bottom center supports by turning the cap screws until they reach the floor.
  • Now connect the assemblies to the piping, fill them with water, and check for any leakage.
  • Do not exceed the 30 psi pressure mark and do not test pressure with air.

Install the valve enclosures:

  • To access the valve enclosure, remove the knockout at the end of it.
  • Bend the tab so that the hole is on the inside facing the wall.
  • Fasten the valve enclosure to the baseboard with a ¼” thumb screw.
  • Use screws to fasten the valve enclosures to the wall.
Burnham Cast Iron Baseboard

Install the corner plates:

  • Place the corner plates where the baseboard assemblies overlap.
  • Secure them with wood screws.
  • To install on tile, drill ½” holes aligned with the holes in corner plates and secure the corner plates with screws.
  • To install on masonry, drill the same size holes 1” deep and use slightly oversized wood plugs. Finally, secure the corner plates with screws.

Install the baseboard extensions:

  • Install hangers by screwing them to studs so that there is a hanger present at the extreme ends of the baseboard extension.
  • Now install end caps on the extension using the hangers.
  • Install splice plates by attaching hooks to them and then snapping them into position behind the extensions.

Complete the installation:

  • To prevent air leakage, install an air seal. Use 1” tape for this purpose with a thermal setting adhesive, which you can collect from Burnham at a low cost.
  • Now install ¾” quarter round or other wood moldings on the top of the baseboard, even on top of the air seal. Nail the wood molding in place.
  • It’s time to paint the baseboard. The baseboard comes with latex paint, which must be used with a high-grade oil. This paint prevents the baseboard from rusting. Do not use wall paint on the baseboard.


Still have some questions in mind? Go through the section below.

What kind of paint do you use on cast iron baseboards?

Latex (water-based) paint should be used to paint cast iron baseboards. The paint must be mixed with high-grade oil that will work as a solvent and prevent the baseboard from rusting. Do not use wall paint on baseboards.

Can you replace steam radiators with baseboards?

Yes, you can replace steam radiators with steam baseboards. However, experts suggest that it might not be a cost-efficient move.


This was our take on the Burnham cast iron baseboard heater. This is a wonderful device offering great service at a low cost. Like all other cast iron baseboards, Burnham cast iron baseboard heaters provide even heating and long-term service.

The Burnham cast iron baseboard offers a durable design, with a stylish elegant look and a very quiet heating experience in a low-profile package. These features make this cast iron baseboard a top priority for those who want a heater at a convincing price range with great performance.

The installation process of the Burnham cast iron heater has been discussed in great detail. It is a job for experienced technicians. You can try to go through the steps and see if you can do it yourself. If not, then seek help from a technician. Good luck with your Burnham cast iron baseboard!

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J Frederick

I am in desperate need of two 2-foot sections exactly like the first picture in this post. I have an 18’ section consisting of nine 2-ft sections and unfortunately there was corrosion in one joint which caused leaking and now I have to replace the two 2-ft sections. Do you have a source for these? Most I am seeing are 10” tall and mine look exactly like those in your photo. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Julio Harris

Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear about the corrosion issue in your Burnham cast iron baseboard. While we do not directly sell or supply Burnham cast iron baseboards or parts, we recommend contacting Burnham directly or a local HVAC supplier to inquire about purchasing the two 2-foot sections you need. They should be able to provide you with the exact match you require. Best of luck with your replacement process!

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