How Long Do Oil-Filled Heaters Last? Efficient Performance!

Regarding energy-efficient performance and safety, oil-filled heaters are pretty popular in the market. Thus might be tiny in size but beatable to all the giant heaters available in the market.

Such heaters work with diathermic oil that transfers heat at a very high capacity. Here the oil will absorb massive heat energy. Still, it won’t increase the temperature even a little bit.

However, people often ask how long an oil-filled heater lasts. It has always carried some confusion with the lifespan.

After a certain time of use, you will need to replace the oil-filled heater for effective performance. If you’re also unaware of the fact, stick with us.

You better learn about oil-filled heaters in detail before heading towards using them. 

How long do oil-filled heaters last

Why are oil-filled heaters so popular? 

There are a lot of facilities that make oil-filled heaters win the crown of popularity.

The most essential and top fact of the list is efficiency. Oil-filled heaters are comparatively super efficient with energy consumption. They will certainly help to decrease the electricity bill.

Through the evaluation and development, oil-filled heaters have brought some innovative updates.

Now, you can set the heater on ECO mode. This setting will help to keep the temperature balanced.

The thermostats are pretty flexible. So, you can customize it anytime to control the heat of the room. You can set the timer for automatic shut-off. This way, you can be hassle-free while leaving the house in a rush.

Giving the best service, it won’t make any noise at all. That means. It works silently. Most radiators come with annoying vibrating sounds. Oil-filled heaters are free from such interruptions. 

Oil-filled heaters are comparatively smaller in size. Moreover, they come with added caster wheels. So, you can carry this heater anywhere in the house quickly. 

Another exotic thing about oil-filled heaters is their safety measures. It has got no exposed eating factors/ grills/ vents. So, you are free from all flammable objects too. Although these are oil-filled heaters, they don’t burn oil. So, it won’t create any odor or risk. So, you can use them indoors. 

The cost is super affordable as well. Oil-filled radiators are cheaper and run. The electricity bill will stay within the limit. Yet, you can expect balanced and proper heating in the room.

How does an oil-filled heater work?

Oil-filled heaters are super easy and quick to perform. They use electricity to heat the thermal oil and spread heat in the room.

Many people think these heaters burn carbon monoxide. But the reality is, these oil-filled radiators don’t burn any kind of oil/fuel to generate heat. They are way simpler than that.

Oil-filled heaters heat the present air of the room. That’s the thing that makes them safer and special. 

Such heaters pull the natural air of the room and warm it up with the help of thermal convection. Then, the internal resistor controls the system. The resistor will turn the electricity into heat. And that heat will heat up the diathermic oil. Once the oil is adequately heated, it distributes and fills the heater’s fins. 

How long do oil-filled heaters last? 

Oil-filled heaters are not for lifetime use. After a certain time, you must replace the heater. The average life expectancy of an oil-filled heater is 20 years.

Oil-filled heaters include coil, helix or other components to heat up the room. The constant use of such elements makes them lose strength after a certain time. If you use the heater more often, it will lose its lifespan sooner.

The ideal temperature of your heater would be 750 to 1000 Fahrenheit. With such a temperature, your oil-filled heater will last over 16 years.

The only solution here is, taking good care of the heater. You can try using it fewer times a day. Another most significant reason that controls the oil-filled heater lifespan is its external situation.

If your heater gets any external damages, it will undoubtedly lose its lifespan. You better keep the machine away from all potential damages. The corrosion is another most significant down point for an oil-filled heater. Keep the oil-filled heater away from constant exposure. Provide efficient rest to your machine to avoid such issues. 

Even if the oil-filled radiator loses its lifespan sooner, you’ve nothing to worry about. Oil-filled heaters are pretty affordable on a budget. If you can last the heater up to 16 years, it should be considered enough. However, maintain the machine carefully to increase the lifespan. With proper use and maintenance, it can even last longer than 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil does an oil-filled heater use?

Oil-filled heater uses diathermic oil. Such oil doesn’t need to be heated or any kind of replacement. Such oil works with low vapor pressure and high boiling capacity. So, they can easily carry heat and distribute it in a balanced way. 

How long does an oil-filled heater take to heat a room?

These days, oil-filled heaters are advanced and work faster. It will take around 20 minutes or less to warm up a room. However, the room size will vary the heating time.

Can you save money with an oil-filled heater?

Yes, an oil-filled heater has an adjustable thermostat. If you’re concerned about the electricity bill and want to save bucks, just turn that down. The less temperature, the more energy-efficient the heater will work.


Oil-filled heaters are undoubtedly the best and safest choice for a house. Hopefully, now you know how long an oil-filled heater lasts. Whatever the lifespan is, your good maintenance will increase the service life. Similarly, if you fail to take good care of it, your machine will fail. Now, you can cut off the hassle of getting expensive heaters. Give as hot to the oil-filled heaters and get efficient heating performance every time. 

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