Electric Heater Making Popping Noises

No one would like to have some constant popping and clicking noise around their house.

Think of it as a calm holiday evening. You’re peacefully relaxing in your living room. Suddenly you hear some irritating popping noise out of your electric heater.

That would be super annoying, right? Unfortunately, almost all electric heaters make this type of noise sometimes.

Do you even know why your electric heater is making popping noises? Is it normal? And most importantly, can you fix that? If yes, then how? 

Calm down! There are too many questions and confusion. But you must know all the answers to keep your electric heater working peacefully

Electric heater making popping noises

Is it normal for an electric heater to make popping noises?

Well, the answer will depend on the noise type. In most cases, the cracking/ popping and clicking noises out of electric heaters are normal. This happens because of their working method.

But sometimes, the wrong wiring, dirt and debris, jams and faults in your heater are responsible for such noises. Also, the old and junk heaters tend to make extreme buzzing noises.

Rather than that, the occasional noises are expected, and you’ve got nothing to worry about your electric heater. The electric heater radiator body includes aluminum. Whenever the radiator gets heat, it can make particular noises. 

Another reason for such popping noise is bubble expansion and collapsing. If your heating system gets trapped in water. In such situations, the bubble can pass through the pipe and create loud popping and clicking noises.

You don’t have to worry about these noises until they’re becoming extremely annoying and constant. Although the noises are normal, you better give it a check if it feels something wrong. 

Do all electric heaters make noises? 

There are different types of electric heaters built with different mechanisms and features. Each of them works differently.

But when it comes to making noises, almost all electric heaters seem to make some. However, the reason and noise type will differ from one another. 

The electric heaters include metal parts like pipes, housing, vents, etc. Whenever the heat increases and decreases, these parts will receive friction and make banging/clicking/ popping noises.

Not only this, but also the heaters without moving parts tend to create slightly humming noises sometimes. These noises won’t indicate any malfunction in your heater. 

However, there are few electric haters with updated technology in the market. These types of electric heaters can fade out the produced noise.

The secret of the quiet performance of these hearts are thermostats. If you’re searching for such electric heaters, do some research before purchasing. 

How to fix an EXTREMELY noisy electric heater?

Well, buzzing/ popping intense noises out of your electric heaters is not normal. This might include severe issues with your electric heater. It can be anything such as an electric heater fault, junk, old parts, cracks etc.

Why don’t you give it a check and fix the issue by yourself?

Follow here to grab some easy faxing hacks of your EXTREMELY noisy electric heaters:

Install mounting brackets properly:

If mounting brackets of your electric heaters are not installed properly, they can create noises.

Electric heaters are designed in such ways that if you fail to fit them correctly on the wall, they will generate expansion on the housing. And this can create extreme noises.

So, you better give the mounting brackets a check. The reinstallation process is not any hassle at all. All you need to do is, switch the heater off, detach it and let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Reinstall it and put the heater back in place. Now, switch on the heater and check if you’re still getting that annoying noise or not. 

Check the voltage and amperage:

Any malfunction with the voltage and amperage can cause such annoying noise in your electric heaters.

If you connect a 120-volt electric heater with a 240-volt power supply, it can create noises. Not only noises but also these malfunctions can create burns and fire.

So, you better take the help of electricians while installing the heater correctly. 

Check the screws:

The perfect fit and adjustment in the screws are essential. Any insecure screw while electric heater installation can create humming/ popping/ buzzing noise. 

So, you better give a check over the screws. If you find them extremely tight, make them loosen. The tight screws can create distortion.

Also, if you find the screws extremely loose, fix them properly. Loose screws can create rattles and buzzing noises,

Clean the electric heater:

Regular cleaning of your electric heaters is essential. The dust and debris stuck in the heater can hamper the regular working method of your electric heater. As a result, you’ll find it making unwanted noises. 

Cleaning the electric heaters is absolutely easy. You just need to disconnect it, let it cool down and clean it with a microfiber duster/ sponge.

You can also spray some interior compartments over the heater. Lastly, vacuum your heater gently and get rid of the stubborn dust. Once you’re done, reinstall the heater carefully.

Well, these are the ultimate fixing hacks you can try.

If still, you can’t get rid of the unwanted popping noise, you might have to change your old electric heater. So, you better consult a professional electrician to identify the actual problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What’s the lifespan of an electric heater?

An electric heater can last around 15 to 20 years. But for that, you need to take good care of it.

Should you leave an electric heater on all night?

No, you should never leave your electric heater on all night. This creates potential risks of cracking, burning and firing. 


Noisy electric heaters are a pretty common issue. People often keep complaining about their electric heater making popping noises. Well, if the sound is bearable and not making it 24/7, it is normal. However, you can also try the fixing hacks to get rid of extreme noises. If none of these works, you might have to get a new electric heater installed. 

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