Why Is My Portable Heater Blowing Cold Air

I have been using portable heaters for a very long time now. But recently I faced a serious issue with it: my portable heater was blowing cold air. After thorough research, I found out why is my portable heater blowing cold air

Portable heaters can be used to provide warmth to a living space. They are also very effective at heating vehicles or merely wherever you keep them. However, there are various reasons why portable heaters blow cold air.

Some of the reasons may include:

-The thermostat setting is too low, or the heater is off.

-The unit needs to be refueled with fuel before it will generate heat again.

-The engine has run out of fuel and needs to be refueled before generating heat again.

But there are many more issues too, which are indeed common and serious, but we tend to ignore them completely. And taking care of those will help you a lot. 

If your portable heater is still blowing the cold air after checking everything mentioned above, then, unfortunately, we will need to get into some more technical troubleshooting steps for this issue.

Why Is My Portable Heater Blowing Cold Air

Reasons Why Is My Portable Heater Blowing Cold Air

Here I discussed every possible reason why the portable heaters blow cold air for you. Your specific heater might face any issues from the ones written below, so read carefully. 

Dirty Filters

It is a harsh truth that people are not cautious about cleaning heaters. Portable heaters often blow cold air when filters get clogged with dirt materials. A bad condition occurs if the electric filters get clogged with huge specks of dirt. 

As a result, my portable heater was cracked in horrible conditions for which unstable situations arose. In this way, portable heaters started to get damaged.

It can be a question now how it can be checked if the heater is filled with specks of dirt or not? The clogged vents ventilation with freeze coils and inhibit airflow. It’s better to change the filters with alternated methods.

A Blown Circuit Or Resistor

The most common reason for the portable heating problem is a blown circuit or resistor. Usually, the resistors get hot, and so when the resistors get blown, no electricity can pass on them. 

The resistors can be broken, for which portable heaters can blow cold air. Such resistors can have infinite resistance for which the portable heater will blow cold air.

Broken Heater Coil

The heater coil is the critical function of a portable heater which runs and helps you maintain the heat releasing balances. If the heater coil is destroyed, it can create several problems. 

For a broken heater coil, the wires inside the portable electric elements get expanded, and when it cools down, it shrinks back down. As a result, the repeated expansion and shrinking cause significant damage all over. 

On the other hand, elements can also be heated if the heater coil remains in a broken position.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters restrict air supply in the engine, which causes unburned fuel to form soot residue. For dirty air filters in a portable heater, some symptoms take place, and these are:

  • Strange engine/heater noises took place.
  • Decreased heating performance within fuel economy.
  • The air filter looks dirty because the portable heater blows cold air,
  • Reduction in horsepower takes place.

What To Do To Prevent Cold Air From Portable Heaters?

Blowing cold air from the portable heater makes a considerable disturbance. If we talk about using a portable heater, it’s very much needed nowadays. 

Warm-up room during the winter season and especially in snow-falling countries, the usage of the mobile or electric filter is much more needed. The issues are increasing day by day due to careless use of it.

Because of dirty filters, broken heater coils, blown circuits or resistors, etc., problems in portable heaters are increasing. As a result, airflow takes place within a short time. 

Physical unhealthy problems take place too. 

If prudent and precautionary measures take place, then the issues of using portable filters can be fixed as soon as possible. 

First of all, the proper use of portable heaters should be known. There are several brands in which it is represented that the usage can be different methods. 

If the measures and the precautions can take place properly, it’s unnecessary to take any help from professional expertise.

We should also try to remind people that the use of portable heaters depends on the precautions and steps that need to be maintained strictly.

Caution And Precautions

There are some simple solutions by which everyone can use a portable heater and prevent it from blowing cold air quickly.

Dirt Removal

First of all, the specks of dirt that become the heater’s clogged part should be removed. A good servicing cleanser is needed in such cases. 

We know that the dirt filter gives air blow, so the heater stops working. The heater should be in running condition for at least 10 minutes so that hot air must come out in the beginning.

Temperature Checkup

A heater works totally under the balance of heat temperature. On the other side, the temperature checkup also depends on how we use it. The misuse of temperature control becomes the primary purpose of air blows. 

As a result, a temperature checkup must be needed. The Thermostat lives depend on temperature checkups.

Checkup Of The Tripped Breakers And Blown Fuses

The tripped breakers need to be checked within the power usage, and the blown users can occur. If the examination takes place for a checkup of one or more broken coils, the replacement of perfect fuses must be attached. 

As a result, the electric heater must stay in good condition. Some of you can help from expertise, but it’s a straightforward process. You can repair your house heater or portable heater by yourself. 

Checkup of Furnace’s Filter Within Thermostat

Furnace’s filter checkup within the condition of a thermostat is a must. First, the Furnace’s filter must be cleaned by checking if it’s clogged with dust or not. 

Then, a simple replacement and cleaning must be needed. If the blower doesn’t stay in the turn-off position, you will get to know that the Thermostat is set to the ON option instead of the AUTO option. 

It would be best to make sure that it’s a big must that the Thermostat must be appropriately checked up. So, the air blow from the portable heater gets stopped.

Check-Up of Access Panel

Now, if we talk about the access panel, in overtime, you will see that the heater finance’s access might come to open positions. So, as a result, the checkup of the access panel must be started. 

The broken heater coil must be repaired within the access panels. The temperature checkup is also a must when it comes to accessing discussions. The blown fuses within tripped breakers also work within it.

As a result, we can see that the portable heater must be stopped if such solutions and precautions occur.


A portable heater is now one of the biggest heater brands currently used by maximum people, especially in winter. The air blow problems can be removed even without the help of professional expertise. 

If we follow step-by-step usages, it can be an easy solution to repair a portable heater within a short time. However, various issues can be seen today if the portable heater gives a problem with air blow. 

In such cases, various health issues, creating uncomfortable situations, are a must. So, as a result, all types of precautions, solutions must be maintained, and the portable heater’s primary use method must be known. The brands are different, but it is equal for all portable heaters to use properly.

So this was my experience and solution for you all about why is my portable heater blowing cold air and what I checked and did to fix it. 

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