Are Oil-Filled Heaters Safe? : Working Method, Risks & Safety Precautions!

Oil-filled heaters are quite a popular option to heat indoor spaces efficiently. However, not everyone feels it is 100% safe to use.

These days, there are some other options too that seem to contain less risk than oil-filled heaters. Such heaters work with kerosene, propane or natural gas. Oil-filled heaters use two types of elements. One is natural gas, and the other one is full. Such factors can trigger fire hazards easily. If somehow you’ve got any damaged parts/ leakages, your heater might create massive accidents. So, it’s normal to ask, “are oil-filled heaters safe?”

Still, oil-filled heaters are the first pick for many because of their cost-efficiency. You must learn what the things you should never try with oil-filled heaters are. Apart from all these risks, oil-filled heaters are pretty effective. 

are oil-filled heaters safe

How do oil-filled heaters work?

Oil-filled heaters are certainly a reliable option to make your indoor space warm and cozy. Many people prefer using this heater as a traditional option to cut off utility bills. Oil-filled heaters need to be refilled with the specific elements from time to time. It comes with a tip-off button to turn on and off the heater. Many come with an automatic shutoff system too. 

Oil-filled heaters use the oil to heat up the room. Firstly it heats the oil inside it and spreads the heat around your house. You’ll find a very stable, warm and comfortable heat around your room. 

Oil field heaters are made with stacked radiators fins that need to be connected with the electric sensors. Once you plug the heater in, it will use electricity to turn on the heater resistor. And slowly, the oil will produce heat. Later the oil of your heater will absorb the heat. Here you will get options of using kerosene, propane oil or natural gas. Once the oil is heated, it will automatically heat up the metal by using thermal conduction. That thing will create a convection current to spread balanced heat around your space. 

Mainly, its working method is the thing that makes it quite energy-efficient. An oil-filled heater uses around 1500 watts of energy, and you might have to use it for 6 hours per day. Are oil-filled heaters safe?

“Yes,” oil-filled heaters are a pretty safe option to use in indoor space. The only thing to mention here is the correct operating procedure. 

As these heaters contain oil, it’s easier to spread the fire. So, you’ve to be conscious about ventilation, quality and authentication of the heater. Even if you’re not refilling the heater with proper oil regularly, it can create a mess as well. Usually, oil-filled heaters come with sealed containers. 

And if you properly power off/ on the heater, there is nothing to worry about safety. If you’re worried about body-burning issues, pick the ones with safety covers. They don’t get overheated. 

So, even if you accidentally touch the heater’s body while connected, it won’t create any burn to your skin. 

What is the risk of using oil-filled heaters?

It’s better if you know what are the potential risks of using oil-filled heaters. Let’s give a quick check over:

The very first risk of using an oil-filled heater is fire. Especially when you’re using fuel based oil-filled heaters, they are riskier. Such heaters include open flame. Also, it can cause burns if you’ve no protection cover over the heater. 

All these risks can be cut off if you use oil-filled heaters with proper safety precautions.

What to look for while purchasing safe oil-filled heaters?

Oil-filled heaters are certainly a good pick. But there are certain things you must consider if you want to purchase some good quality safe heater. 

  • Most oil-filled heaters require an electrical connection. So, make sure these are not malfunctioning. Else, you will get an interrupted and hazardous heating system. Don’t use any cord/ plug that is not in good condition. Isle, you will experience accidents/ short circuits. 
  • You should never plug in the heater with any extension cord. It will either not get a proper connection or trigger any electrical issues.
  • Make sure you’re getting the oil-filled heaters that are tested and certified by the laboratory. You’ll find the seal of certification over your heater packaging. Try to scan that before getting any heater.
  • Getting any cheap quality oil-filled heater is never a good idea. You’re already saving energy costs by using this heater. So, always get the best in your budget and ensure high quality here.
  • Always try to pick the oil-filled heaters that include tip-off safety features. Such types of heaters are suitable in quality and make them much safer for your pets and children.
  • Don’t get any oversized heater for your room. Else, it will fail to get you that warm., cozy and blanched ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to warm up the room with an oil-filled heater?

Well, oil-filled heaters will take at least one to two and a half-hour. Such heaters work slower than the electrical/ other types of heaters. So, it might make you wait a bit more here. If you want it to keep the room warm all day, consider turning this on right before your bedtime.

Do oil-filled heaters smell?

Yes, the oil-filled heaters can smell as they are run by burning elements like natural gas, propane or oil. Such features will create a powerful and unpleasant smell if there is not enough ventilation in your room.

Wrap Up:

Oil-filled heaters are a traditional but still popular type of heater. These seem to be cost-efficient and save energy as well. “Are oil-filled heaters safe” is still an often asked question among people. Well, oil-filled heaters hold enough fire/ burning risks. But, in many ways, you can consider such a heater as the best and most wise pick. Just maintain all the safety precautions to keep the heating system safer. You better maintain the tips while purchasing any brand of oil-filled heaters as well. After all, prevention is always better than precaution. 

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