Top 5 Best Small Heater for Bathroom

Winter is here, and it gets chilly or ice-cold in the morning in your bathroom. That’s why you are looking to find a nice way to heat the room without sending the electric bill through the roof. But not every space heater will not be ideal for such a wet environment. 

We recommend you have a heater that warms your bathroom within 15 minutes before you step into it. Apart from these, you should think about the safety features it includes. Otherwise, there is a possibility of electrical accidents due to the wet condition of your bathroom. 

Fortunately, our editorial team reviewed the 5 best small heaters for the bathroom. Each of them includes built-in safety features and is specially designed to put in your bathroom. So, let’s check them out.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater

“This space heater from Lasko warms up your bathroom within 15 minutes. It comes with built-in safety features and has ALCI safety plugs that makes it ideal for putting into the bathroom.”

Best-Quiet: Stiebel Eltron 074058 120-Volt 1500-Watts Heater

“Bring this ultra-quiet bathroom heater and turn your ice-cold room into a warm & toasty space without waking up your child.” 

Best Portable: Minetom 350W Space Heater

“The space heater is only 1.05 pound in weight which makes it a breeze to lug around from one room to another.”

Best-Budget: Broan-NuTone 157 Low-Profile Fan-Forced Ceiling Heater

“This budget-friendly fan-forced heater is functional enough and produces enough heat to warm your small bathroom.”

Best Electric Wall Heater: Broan-NuTone 174 Painted Grille Wall Heater

“Don’t hesitate to bring this best electric wall heater for the bathroom as it is functional and easy to install.”

Best Small Heater for Bathroom 

Top 5 Best Small Heater for Bathroom 

From above, you get a quick recap of the heater we enlisted and learned what for they are the best. Now, it’s time to explore the key features of the heater, what other users say about it, and know what we experienced. 

01. Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater- Best Overall

“It’s a Lasko, The right kind of warmth right where you need it!” Yes, Lasko will be there where you need to boil the frigid condition (it may be your living room or bathroom). Now, bathing in the cold morning will not seem like a nightmare. It comes with two heating options and a simple heat button, making your little heater warm your bathroom fast with a single tap. 

Key Features

  • Simple heat button to offer an hour of high heat with a single tap
  • 3 heat settings with a 1-hour timer
  • Come with an ALCI safety plug
  • Built-in safety features

What Other Users Are Saying

With 4.6 out of 5 stars, this small heater gets 3300+ ratings from its consumers. Quick heating ability and ALCI safety plug melt the mind of thousands of users to bring it to their bathroom. 

Most users praise its ease of use and how quickly it turns the chilly bathroom into a cozy space. Just push the heat button and leave the heater to let it warm the bathroom! This is their feeling about this Lasko bathroom heater. They highly appreciated its ALCI safety plug, which gives them peace of mind even in the wet area. Therefore, the automatic shut-off feature of this heater also impressed them to buy it. 

However, some users find its controlling system a bit confusing. Using the single heat button, they need to set the heat settings to 1-hour, High, and Low.  

Our Experience

3 Heat Settings

Thanks for having 3-heat settings. The first one (1-hour) will turn your heater off automatically after heating your room for an hour. On the other hand, the High heat settings provide a sort of quick heat to make our small bathroom warm within a short time. And lastly, we also find the Low heat setting helpful that also works to heat our chilly bathroom. 

Safety features

Its built-in safety features include overheat protection, cool touch housing, and self-regulating ceramic element. If the heater gets overheated, this unit will shut-off automatically to prevent potential fire accidents. 

Easy to Use

You don’t need to face the hassle of assembling this unit. Just unbox it and start using it right away to heat your bathroom. Controlling the unit is also effortless. It has a single button to operate the unit. 

02. Stiebel Eltron 074058 120-Volt 1500-Watts Heater- Best-Quiet

If you are looking for an ultra-quiet heater to break down the icy condition of your bathroom, Stebel Eltron 074058 will be your best trait. This heater has galvanized steel, squirrel cage-type blowers to let the heater run at a quiet 49.7 dB(a). 

Key Features

  • Surface mount design
  • Quality construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Built in thermostat

What Other Users Are Saying

This german-made electric heater gains 4.3 out of 5 stars with 500+ ratings from its customers. Quiet operation, better heat output, and stylish design convince its users to get it and set it in the shower room.

Every user highly praised its appealing design, the way it heats a room, and how easy it is to control. Users said that it warms up their 180 sq feet bathroom efficiently. Some even claim it makes the ice-cold bathroom warm within 5 minutes. They find the built-in knob on the side helpful to control the heater. Therefore, its users say they discover how easy it is to adjust the temperature with the dial regulator. 

However, some users recommend the unit have an air filter to shield against dirt. 

Our Experience

Better Heat Output

You will get a total of 5118 BTUs of heat output from this forced-air electric heater. So, you can efficiently heat your small chilly bathroom and turn it into a warm space. 

Built-in Thermostat

Like other CK heaters, this one also has a built-in thermostat. It automatically adjusts the heat setting to give you the ultimate comfort on an ice-cold morning. Therefore, you can operate the unit by a wall thermostat in a large room. 

Down-draft Design

This heater draws the cool air of your room from the top and blows the hot air from its bottom. Due to the down-draft design, the heater evenly heats your space for ultimate comfort.

03. Minetom 350W Space Heater- Best Portable

The weight of this electric heater makes it portable. It is only 1.05 pounds in weight and you can lug it around your home and set it anywhere to warm the space. Therefore, it is functional, durable, and easy to use. 

Key Features

  • Digital thermostat
  • Led display and timer 
  • Tip-over protection
  • Convenient 180 rotating plugs with 3-prongs

What Other Users Are Saying

Minetom 350W Space Heater receives 4 out of 5 stars with 3200+ global reviews. Compact size, quiet & quick heating ability, and energy efficiency are some breathtaking features that make the users’ minds to get it for putting it in the bathroom. 

The majority of customers are impressed by its heating efficiency. They place it in their bathroom and it does its work by warming the frozen space. Some users get surprised when they observe how quickly it can heat the bathroom. Before stepping into the bathroom, they run it for 20 minutes and the heater evenly warms every corner of the bathroom. The best feature every user loves is its energy efficiency. It uses only 350 Watts but produces enough heat to warm a small bathroom. 

However, some users said it would be best if it comes with a remote control feature. 

Our Experience

Digital Thermostat

Unlike other space heaters, this one doesn’t only give you two heating options- High and Low. Instead, it lets you set your desired temperature to heat your space according to your comfort level. For example, you can adjust the temperature from 60-degree to 90-degree Fahrenheit. Just set the thermostat to your desired temperature and it automatically maintains the temp by turning it on and off. 

Tip-over Protection

The built-in safety features of this heater makes it ideal to put it in your room. If the heater falls down accidentally, the unit will shut-off automatically. Besides, this electric heater also shuts off automatically if it gets overheated. 

Low-wattage heater

Minetome Space Heater uses only 350 watts to run the unit. Low wattage heater is more energy-efficient compared to a higher wattage heater. So, it saves you electric bills. 

What is the best way to heat a small bathroom

04. Broan-NuTone 157 Low-Profile Fan-Forced Ceiling Heater- Best-Budget

Getting a functional & easy-to-use space heater is challenging if you are on a budget. But Broan-NuTone will prove you wrong. This budget-friendly electric heater provides 4225 BTUs per hour to heat a small bathroom with no time. 

Key Features

  • Made with a durable aluminum grille with a satin finish
  • Functional design
  • Safety features included
  • Provide supplemental heat

What Other Users Are Saying

Broan-NuTone 157 Low-Profile Space Heater manages 4.4 out of 5 stars with 1900+ ratings from its customers. Easy installation, better heat output, and affordable price convince most customers to invest their money in it.

Every user highly recommends it for its ability to heat a small bathroom quickly. It produces 4225 BTUs per hour, which is enough to warm your ice-cold bathroom. Most consumers say it’s simple to install the unit. However, they recommend you call a professional if you don’t feel ease with installation. 

Though the heater includes an installation guide, some users face trouble installing it by themselves. 

Our Experience

Safe & Energy Efficient

Like other heaters, this space heater comes with an overheat protection feature & automatic shut-off feature. So, there is no need to worry if it gets overheated. Therefore, it needs only 1250 wattage of electricity to operate it, which saves the electricity bills. 

Easy installation

You can mount this unit to any standard  3-1/2″ or 4″ round or 4″ octagonal ceiling. Don’t forget to insert some metal spacers between the heater and ceiling to level up the heater

05. Broan-NuTone 174 Painted Grille Wall Heater- Best Electric Wall Heater

If you look for the best electric wall heater for the bathroom, the Broan-NuTone 174 will be your best pick. This wall-mounted heater is efficient and provides enough BTUs to warm up a small space like a bathroom. 

Key Features

  • Clean white, baked enamel finish for durability
  • Heavy 20-gauge steel-louvered grille 
  • Front-mounted built-in adjustable thermostat

What Other Users Are Saying

This bathroom electric heater from Broan-NuTone gets 4.3 out of 5 stars with 690+ ratings from its users. Stylish & functional design, quick heating capacity, and simple installation are some breathtaking features to manage the buyers to buy it. 

Maximum users are impressed with its ability to heat a bathroom quickly. They found it functional enough, and this heater can heat 120-170 sq feet evenly. Ease of installation, affordable price, and aesthetic look are also some useful features they love.

Our Experience

Built-in Thermostat

Due to the built-in thermostat, you can customize the temperature and heat your space according to your desired comfort level. Plus, its automatic shut-off feature shuts the unit if it gets overheated. 

Heat Evenly

This compact heater provides supplemental heat to warm a small space. The white grill of the heater has downflow louvers to disperse heat toward your floor and convert the chilly room into a cozy space.

Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing the Best Small Heater for Bathroom

Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing the Best Small Heater for Bathroom

Take a look at the following criteria before choosing a small heater for your bathroom.

Heat Output

The first criterion you should consider before buying a heater is to check its heat output. In other words, how much BTUs it provides matters a lot. The higher the number will be, the more efficiently a heater heats your room. For example, Stiebel Eltron Heater offers 5118 BTUs, which is enough to warm your small bathroom or dressing room. 

Heating Method

Not every space heater comes with the same heating method. Some of the heaters offer convection heat or infrared heat. The infrared heater heats the object or people directly. Such a heater will be great for heating small spaces like a bathroom. On the other hand, a convection heater draws the cooler air and passes it over a heating element to warm the cold air. Then, it circulates the warm air around your room. Both heating systems have upsides and downsides. Go for an infrared heater if you want to warm a room without wasting energy.

Ease of installation

Most space heaters in the market now come in fully assembled. For example, the Lasko heater on this list requires no assembly. Just unbox it, put it in your room, and get the heat you need. Every heater we mentioned includes an installation guide. Following the guide, you can assemble the unit by yourself. 


Each of the space heaters we reviewed is lightweight and portable. You can carry them from one room to another and heat a specific area to boil the frigid condition. 

Include safety features or not

Safety comes first! Every space heater has an automatic shut-off feature, tip-over protection feature, and overheat protection system. If the heater gets overheated or tipped over accidentally, the unit will shut down to avoid potential accidents.


What is the best type of heater for a bathroom?

A convection heater will be best to heat your bathroom as you need to warm the space for a long time. Regarding this, Lasko CD08200 will be your best pick. This heater will heat the air fast and turn your space into a cozy room.

What is the best way to heat a small bathroom?

Placing a convection heater in a small bathroom is the best way to heat the ice-cold area of your house.

What is the safest bathroom heater?

Lasko CD08200 is the safest bathroom heater as it comes with an ALCI safety plug and is specially approved for use in the bathroom. 

Are ceramic heaters safe for the bathroom?

Ceramic heaters like Lasko come with ALCI safety plugs, automatic shut-off features, and overheat protection which makes them safe for the bathroom. 

Is a ceramic heater better?

Ceramic heaters have several upsides. Among them, a ceramic heater can warm up your small space instantly and you can feel this effect within a short time. 

Final Verdict

We reviewed the 5 best small heaters for the bathroom for those afraid of stepping into the bathroom in the winter. Each of the heaters we enlisted generates enough heat to break the ice-cold condition of your bathroom. As a result, you can feel spa-like comfortable in the bathroom even on a cold morning. 

Though all of the space heaters are functional, we recommend the Lasko CD08200 Space Heater Most. It heats your room instantly and has an ALCI safety plug which makes it safe to use in your bathroom. 

However, you can also go for other heaters on the list according to your personal preferences. 

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