Windows Air Conditioner Vents Open Or Close

There are mainly three types of vents installed in window air conditioners. There was a time when air conditioners used to have those black knobs that you need to pull to open the vent and push it to close it. 

However, the recent AC has a new window that is replaced with this feature with a button or switch which is labeled as “exhaust.” You have to press it to open and shut the vents for efficient ventilation. So, should your windows’ air conditioner vents be opened or closed?  

Well, if you are in your office or any other place where windows are closed most of the time, you should open the vents for sufficient air circulation.

So, in this blog post, our experts have come up with all the facts of how circulation can be affected by AC window vents and when to keep them open and closed for better circulation.

Windows Air Conditioner Vents Open Or Close

Should You Keep Window Air Conditioner Vents Open or Closed?

Window air conditioners are designed and measured according to the width of the average window size, so it’s easy to install over any window. Yet, to be safe, it’s better to install AC brackets or use cement to conceal the edges to prevent cool air sneaking out from the room. 

The vent of the AC is usually kept open to allowi fresh and cool air circulation. The process also increases the pressure in the room, which vents out the recycled air.       

However, when the vent is closed, it won’t allow any outside air to enter the room, and the indoor air automatically gets exhausted. 

Window AC has two separate coils installed for cooling and recycling your indoor air. 

  • Evaporator coil
  • Condenser coil

The evaporator coil is installed in front of the air conditioner. It usually works by pulling warm and humid air through the grills and cool down the air.

The condenser coil is located on the backside of the window air conditioner, and it’s made up of copper, which works on the refrigerant- liquid for air conditioning devices.

Gas pressure expands by the compressor and causes refrigerant. The heat bearer then helps transfer gas to turn into liquid and then go back to its original form using refrigerator cycle.

The window AC blows back the air to the room. Meanwhile, the humidity or moisture has been evaporating and draining out from the exterior part of the window AC.

The hot refrigerant cycles run through the coils at the back of the AC unit. A blower cools it down by condenser coils and then pushes the refrigerant, which lowers the temperature.

Why is it Necessary to Open Vents of the Window Air Conditioner?

There are significant reasons to open window air conditioner vents.

  • Musty odor
  • Health issues

Musty odor

Musty or unpleasant odors make it uncomfortable to work or focus. You can open the vents to reduce the funky odor in your room. You can also open the windows of your room to let some fresh air enter. 

If you encounter any smoke or even cigarette smoke while the window ac is running, you should immediately open the vents to exhaust the odor or smoke out. 

Health Issues

Recycling air can produce germs in the air, and you might feel eyes, nose, and throat irritation.

If you are present in the room where windows are shut and AC is running, then you might feel fatigued. 

The reason behind this is our brain is not getting fresh and good air circulation. So, to make yourself feel better, you should go out and inhale some fresh air.

What are the Steps to Open and Close Vents of Your Window AC?

The use and installation process is pretty simple. Here, our experts mentioned the steps, so you don’t have to face troubles while operating the vents.

Step 1

Switch on the window air conditioner and set it to “cool” and raise the temperature. This will allow the unit to recycle air until it cools.

Step 2

This step depends on which AC model you use. So, if you use the button system, search “vents controller” or “Exhaust,” and switch on.

However, if you have a lever option, you can easily slide the lever to open and close it, and it’ll allow the limited opening to pass the fresh air from outside. Moreover, it can also be visible through the inside vents.


Which window AC is better to install?

It’s better to trust reputed shops when you are buying window AC. They are experienced enough to recommend a suitable device according to the measurements of your window. However, most window ACs are designed according to the average window size, and they can also ask for some other information like:

The measurement of your room

Floor area

Ceiling height

The location of the door and windows 

Can I clean the window air conditioner with water?

Cleaning or spraying with water will help the condenser to work efficiently. However, it’s compulsory to use a small amount of water to clean your window AC. You can also use a spray bottle or damp cloth for cleaning, but don’t use too much water in any electronics unless mentioned in the guidebook. 

How do I know if my window AC compressor is bad?

It’s pretty hard to differentiate the loud noises or sounds coming from the window AC compressor, but we have attached some of the signs indicating a damaged compressor.

Less cool air circulation

Taking much time to start

Encountering humid air in the room even when AC is running

Growling noises from the AC compressor

What is dissimilar between a Split Air conditioner and Window Air Conditioner?

Window air condition looks like a box container which can be installed easily over the window. The device has one unit, whereas the Split Air conditioner has two separate units, outdoor and indoor. Moreover, Spilt AC is not noisy, whereas window AC might be loud as it is a single unit and the compressor is also attached. 

Bottom Line

Windows AC is available at an affordable price in the market. However, do research regarding the brand and features before buying these devices. For good air circulation, it’s essential to open and close vents accordingly so that there’s no recycled air inside the room as this can cause health issues. 

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