How To Tell Which Breaker Is For Hot Water Heater

If the breaker box has a main switch, the breaker controlling the hot water heater will be on the side of the box opposite the main switch. If the box does not have a main switch, look for a breaker that is larger than the others; this is typically the breaker for the hot water heater.

How To Tell Which Breaker Is For Hot Water Heater

4 Steps to Tell Which Breaker Is For Hot Water Heater

If your hot water heater is electric, you can find the breaker by tracing the wires from the heater back to the breaker box. The breaker will be labeled with the word “water” or “heater.” If your hot water heater is gas, the breaker is usually located near the furnace.

One of the most important skills that a homeowner can learn is how to tell which breaker is for their hot water heater. This knowledge can be incredibly useful in the event of a power outage, as it can help to prevent any unnecessary damage to the appliance. Additionally, if there is ever a need to reset the breaker, knowing which one controls the hot water heater can save a significant amount of time.

Step 1: There Are Usually Labels On The Breakers That Indicate What They Power

There are usually labels on the breakers that indicate what they power. To find the breaker for the hot water heater, look for a label that says “hot water heater” or something similar. If there is no label, try flipping all the breakers until the hot water heater turns off.

Step 2: The Breaker For The Hot Water Heater Will Be Near The Water Heater

The breaker for the hot water heater is usually near the water heater itself, or it may be labeled as such. If it is not labeled, you can usually find it by following the wire from the water heater to the breaker box.

Step 3: The Breaker Will Be A Certain Size, Most Likely Either 15 Or 20 Amps

To determine which breaker is for the hot water heater, first identify the breaker box and locate the breakers labeled “hot water heater” or “HWH.” If there are two breakers labeled “HWH,” the larger one is most likely the 15-amp breaker, and the smaller one is most likely the 20-amp breaker. If only one breaker is labeled “HWH,” it is most likely the 15-amp breaker.

Step 4: If There Is No Label On The Breaker, You Can Test To See If It Is Hot By Flipping It Off And On Again

If there is no label on the breaker, you can test to see if it is hot by flipping it off and on again. If the breaker is hot, it will be labeled “HOT.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Turn On My Electric Water Heater?

First, locate the water heater and find the thermostat on the side of the unit. It will likely have a knob or lever that can be turned to the “on” position. If the water heater is new, there may be a switch inside the breaker box that needs to be turned on as well.

How Do I Turn Off The Power To My Water Heater?

There are usually two ways to turn off the power to a water heater. One is to flip the switch on the circuit breaker panel, and the other is to remove the fuse from the fuse box.

In Summary

If you are unsure which breaker is for your hot water heater, start by shutting off all of the breakers in your home and then turning on the breakers one at a time. The breaker that makes your hot water heater turn on is the correct breaker.

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