Are Propane Heaters Safe In A Garage

A propane heater is a great way to keep a place warm and cosy all year long. But it releases carbon monoxide that creates questions in people’s minds “Are propane heaters safe in a garage? 

The answer is yes; you can use a propane heater in your garage.

Propane heater is a different type of fuel, not the same as LPG or LP gas, and produces carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. So if you have a propane heater in your garage, having carbon monoxide poisoning is quite common. And it can lead you to death. Where there is a problem, a solution is also there. Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning in your garage easily just by following the manual instruction and some safety tips.

A propane heater is a very clean and safe way to heat your garage, workshop, or work area. Use it properly, follow the manual instruction for any information, and be a little cautious to ensure the propane heater is fully safe. Let’s know a proper guideline on how to use a propane heater in your garage, and what safety tricks to follow.

Are propane heaters safe in a garage

How to Choose and Use a Propane Heater in Your Garage

Nothing can be more simple than using a propane heater in your garage. It’s better than an electric heater and free of worries about where to place it. Because it doesn’t need any electric power to run, so you don’t have to search for the nearest socket to plug it in. Most propane heaters come with in-built safety features that prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It has a low oxygen sensor, automatically shut off when needed, overheat protected, coated with a safety guard to endure high temperature, and a UL ( Underwriters Laboratory) label. All these ensure a propane heater is safe for your garage.

Still, a chance for injury is available when using any fuel. So It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take precautions. 

Choosing the right type of propane heater

Think before you buy. Using a propane heater in the garage is safe doesn’t mean you can use any heater in your garage, and it’s safe. You have to choose the right heater that will ensure it’s safe. How to do that?

Let’s know.

Propane manufactured two types of a propane heater, Outdoor and indoor propane heater. You can use an indoor heater for your garage rather than an outdoor heater because an indoor heater is designed to be used in an enclosed area with automatic shutoff switches connected with the oxygen sensor. When the room doesn’t have enough oxygen, the sensor can diagnose it, and automatically shuts off. And you remain safe from facing carbon monoxide build-up at dangerous levels to cause any fatal accident.

Isn’t this reason enough to give a double check before you buy a propane heater for your garage?

The right size of propane heater

Allow me to give you another reason to think before you buy. To heat the garage efficiently, buy the right type of heater with the right size.  Didn’t understand? Let me explain.

If the heater is smaller than needed, it won’t heat the garage ( efficiently), and if larger, there will be overheats that cause accidents. So before you choose a heater for your garage, know your garage size and buy the heater that can produce heat that matches your needs.

Where to put the propane heater

Many of us think as it doesn’t need to be plugged in a socket; we can place it anywhere we want. But it’s just an illusion. Right placement is necessary when using a heater because it can cause a fire if it is placed in the wrong area. 

Avoid using the high traffic area. What if you are not in the garage and one of your family members enters the garage, and something terrible happens? So place it far away from where people walk.

Ensure the wall is made of non-combustible materials and don’t place it near flammable materials. Any ignitor source like wooden furniture, curtains, beds, etc., can cause unwanted fire accidents. And don’t forget to read the manufacturer guide before taking any step or installing a propane heater.

Ready the place

After finding the perfect place to install the propane heater, it’s time to make the environment in favor of it. How to do that? Well, as we said to you before, propane heaters release carbon monoxide that is very dangerous for our health. Availability of too much carbon monoxide will make the place absent enough oxygen. To avoid that from happening, make arrangements for enough air circulation. Whenever you turn on the heater, open the window and doors and let the oxygen come and carbon monoxide go. 

Mistakes could happen anytime if you forget to ventilate the area or anyhow the place has too much carbon monoxide; what to do then? But how to understand that carbon monoxide is too much? A propane heater comes with safety built-in. Still, it’s better to install a carbon monoxide detector. It will keep an eye on the heater, and whenever the carbon monoxide level increases, the sensor will alert you.


  • Just installing the heater doesn’t end your duty. It needs your proper attention. Vacuum it regularly to make the grill and outer body free of any dust.
  • A propane heater is a machine; it’s not a place to decorate or use, so avoid putting anything on top of it. 
  • Spraying any cleaner means bringing danger. Even Air fresheners, aerosols, and deodorants shouldn’t be sprayed around it. If still needed, keep the heater off for a few minutes and then spray whatever is required.
  • Don’t leave the heater unattended for a second. If you see orange or yellow flames instead of blue flames, turn it off immediately. There is some problem with the heater, and it’s not burning properly. Maybe it’s leaking.
  • The heater is running well doesn’t mean it will always run well. At least inspect it in a month, especially the rubber tubing and gas valves.


While a propane heater is safe to use in a garage, still, you should follow the safety tricks, because it’s a matter of life and death. We have shared all information you need to know; follow them to be safe in any situation. As long as you use it in the right way, it will serve you the best.

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