Do Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity?

On a frigid day, a space heater is your most loving device to enjoy the coziness. But you will notice how much electricity it uses when you see your monthly electricity bills. Well, the question is- do space heaters use a lot of electricity?

Despite having varieties, all the space heaters use a lot of electricity and add some exorbitant amount to your bills. If you can’t manage the heater properly or run it in moderation, the power consumption will increase significantly. A 1500-watt heater consumes 360-kilowatt power per month. But some techniques may reduce the usage by up to 50 percent.

First, you need to know how a space heater works to understand why it uses a lot of electricity and how they add cost to your bills.

Do Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity

How Do Space Heaters work?

Mainly, the space heaters can be powered by combustion or electricity and pass the heat to a heating element. The element can be ceramic or metallic that can sustain in extreme heat and become hot.

When electric energy or energy from combustion gets in touch with these elements, they convert it into thermal energy and spread the heat through convection all over your room. So, the higher the electricity or combustion, the more the heat will be. 

If you use low power, the heater will delay converting it into thermal energy, and it will take a long time to warm your place.

The Space Heater Misconception

There’s a misconception about space heaters that they can save your money compared to other heating gadgets. But the concept is totally opposite. 

Space heaters can cost you more than an air conditioner. However, they are better at power consumption compared to central heaters.

As a space heater runs on electricity, it can reduce the cost of other heating devices if you use only one heater. But in winter, one space heater will never be enough because you just can’t heat only the bedroom or dining room. You would need them in every room to stay warm.

Reversely, it will increase electricity usage if you use one space heater per room, not decrease it. So, you should understand by now that the idea of saving money by using space heaters isn’t realistic. 

It varies according to the number of heaters you use and their wattage, along with usage periods. But it cost less compared to oil, propane, or fireplace heating options.

How Much Electricity Can A Space Heater Use Actually?

If you look at the numbers, you might be shocked. The rated wattage is a crucial part of power consumption.

Suppose you are using a 2000-watt space heater in the dining room, and the using period is 10 hours on average. Therefore, it will consume: 2000 × 10 = 20000 watt per day = 20000/ 1000 = 20 kilowatt per day. 

If you calculate total consumption in a month, it will be 20 × 30 = 600 kilowatt per month which is significantly huge. You can calculate the bill by multiplying the electricity cost per kilowatt in your area.

You can find the wattage rated in the box or on the body of your space heater. Now, as you know the math, how you can figure out how much electricity your space heater is using.

Why Do Space Heaters Use So Much Electricity?

Well, some facts can help you to understand why space heaters use a lot of electricity. Firstly, they are large rooms, secondly, they produce quick heat, Thirdly, they have a number of heaters with running time, and finally, rated wattage.

Larger Room

In a simple sense, if you have a large room, the heater will need massive power to warm up the room. So, it will use lots of electricity in the bigger room and comparatively less in smaller spaces.

Quick Heat

Sometimes you might get impatient when you just return home in winter. You will need quick heat to get comfort immediately. But to do this instantaneous process, the heater will need a lot of electricity to produce heat as fast as possible.

Number of Heaters

The usage of electricity will increase gradually when you use more than one space heater. Multiple space heaters will use more electricity than a single unit.

Rated Wattage

Typically, you will find space heater wattage range from 300 to 5000-watts. So, according to previous calculations, if you use a low-powered heater, it will consume less energy but take a long time to warm your place. 

But if you use a high-powered heater like 2000 or 3000-watts, it will need a significant amount of electricity to heat your rooms.

Running Time

The usage period or running time is also included in the formula of calculating the amount of power a space heater has. Therefore, if you use the heater for a long time or all the time, the power consumption will increase drastically.

Can You Decrease the Usage of Electricity in A Space Heater?

Space heaters can end up costing you a fortune in monthly power bills. However, some techniques will help to decrease the usage of electricity of a space heater.

Solar Energy

Using solar energy is most probably the best solution for you. If you use solar energy to run the space heaters, you won’t have to worry about power consumption and even your bills.

Be Smart

New generation space heaters come with incredible attributes like an auto-set thermostat, control over operation time. So, you can reduce the use of electricity using these new ones.

Cover Windows and Air Leaks

It’s wise to check the air leaks and cover the windows and doors while using a space heater using some insulator curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be safe if I sleep while keeping the space heater on?

It’s not wise to leave your space heater on while sleeping. According to the experts, you must keep the heater three feet away from human touch while sleeping. The same rule goes for clothes, beds, and curtains.

Which one consumes more energy between AC and space heater?

Though it depends heavily on climate conditions, on average, the space heaters consume more energy than Air Conditioners. So, a space heater will cost you more than an AC monthly bill.

What is the risk of space heaters?

There are some potential risks of using space heaters using kerosene, propane, or natural gas. They can emit carbon-di-oxide or monoxide to the environment. There is also a risk of fire if it gets near any flammable objects.

Which heater can warm the room quickly?

The infrared heaters can warm your room quickly compared to the ceramic heaters. But the ceramic ones use less electricity and take a long time to heat the room. The infrared heaters use a lot of electricity but give you an instantly warmed room.

Can a space heater cause health issues?

If you have allergies or dried up phlegm, you will be in trouble while using a heater. Your mucus will dry up all the time and remain in your body. Then, your lungs or sinuses can be affected.

Final Words

Using a space heater is environment friendly and efficient compared to a central heater or oil or propane heater. As it runs through electricity, it uses a lot of it to heat the place.

Hopefully, you get a satisfactory answer to your question. Yes, space heaters use a lot of electricity. But if you follow some strategic methods, you won’t have troubles with bills.

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