How Much Gas Does a Wall Heater Use? : Calculate And Control

Wall heaters are extremely popular for their efficient gas consumption system.

Either it’s your studio apartment, small office or compact seating area, a wall heater is always a good choice. Over the past years, the wall heater has brought noticeable evaluation. Now, this is a more energy-efficient option to try and can save a lot of bucks.

Previously people couldn’t get the courage to use such wall heaters just because of the high electricity bills. But now it’s got super easy and compact. You run a good-quality wall heater all day and still expect an affordable bill.

“How much gas does a wall heater use” has been a super popular question by the users. You can quickly get an average calculation to keep away all the confusion. 

How Much Gas Does a Wall Heater Use

How much gas does a wall heater use?

How much a wall heater uses depends on several things. The most vital fact would be the gas tank size and heater size. Wall heater energy measurement is indicated through BTU ( British Thermal unit). 

A 30,000 BTU wall heater can run for 3 hours with 1 gallon of gas. The gas consumption cost of these 3 hours would be around $0.80. The cost and consumption amount will vary according to the heater. 

It would be effective if you did not use small size cylinders with a wall heater. Per pound, gas produces 21,604 BTS each hour. Therefore, a 20-pound gas cylinder will get empty in 15 hours with your wall heater. Similarly, a 100-pound natural gas tank will last for 24 hours. 

How to calculate the water heater gas consumption? 

Wall heater gas consumption is measured through a British thermal unit (BTU). As the heater gas consumption cost is changeable, you better calculate your wall heater gas consumption by yourself. It’s super easy and quick.

The ideal formula for wall heater energy consumption is: 

Wall heater 365 x 41045 ÷ EF X BTU

First of all, you’ve to find the BTU of the wall heater. This BTU can identify gas consumption per hour efficiently. Generally, the wall heater BTU rating is mentioned in the product manual. If you’re using a propane gas wall heater, For each gallon of heater will be somewhere around 91,500 BTUs. You just have to divide the wall heater gas content by the BTUs.

Suppose the wall heater energy content is 91,500 and the gas consumption rating is 30,000 BTUs. By following the formula, the result will come in 3.5 hours. 

This indicates, your 30,000 BTU wall heater can run for 3 hours with one gallon of gas. 

The heater gas consumption will depend on the temperature settings. The higher temperature, the higher the gas consumption will be. If you want to calculate the cost, use some tool. There are several gas-consuming calculators available online. Just input your wall heater’s basic details and get the exact calculation. 

How to calculate the wall heater gas consumption cost? 

Now, if you hold some idea over how to calculate the gas consumption cost, it will get easier. You can figure out how much your monthly expense is going to be. And that will help you to control your electricity bill as well. 

However, the trick is super easy. In the beginning, you have to notice how many hours per day you are running the wall heater. Suppose it’s 8 hours per day. Now, you have to multiply the 8 with 30. That’s how you’ll get the whole month’s wall heater running hours. 

Now, you’ve to find the per hour cost of your wall heater gas consumption. Generally, you’ll find this information in the manual as well. You need to multiply that per hour cost with the entire month’s wall heater running hour.

If the wall heater per hour cost is $0.80, multiply it by 240 ( 8 hours per day). The result will be $192. Now, you can expect your wall heater will cost $192 of the entire electricity bill. 

That was an average calculation. You should find your wall heater gas-consuming and per hour cost. That is no hassle to find your own heater every month. If the cost seems more than your budget, consider decreasing the water heater running house per day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does gas wall weather cost less than electric ones?

Yes, certainly gas wall heaters cost less than regular electric heaters. The US energy department reports that natural gas is green energy and is much more efficient for running heaters. 

How big a room do you need for a gas wall heater?

It’s always a wise decision to compare the water heater size with your room size. Ideally, per 8.5m² area of the room requires 1kW heat. If your room size is 180 square feet, the wall heater can cover the entire area thoroughly.

Why is a wall heater the easiest to install?

Wall heaters are well known for their easy installation process. You can directly place this anywhere over the wall according to your requirement. You’ll receive well-distributed, balanced and focused heating with such a wall heater. 


Wall heaters are the most efficient and best option for smaller areas of your room. This one is an energy-efficient and money-saving option to try. However, people are often concerned about how much gas a wall heater uses. Hopefully, now you’ve got all your answers. To manage and control the monthly cost, you should do a quick calculation over your wall heater use. 

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