What Does ECO Mean On An Air Conditioner?

Eco mode is an amazing innovation for the environment. In short, eco mode means eco-friendly mode. This type of ac comes with a capacity lower than 12 KW. 

Air conditioners previously emit lots of carbon in the air. The more carbon we are adding to the fresh air means the more we are vulnerable to get adverse effects from the environment. 

Therefore, the eco in air conditioner comes as a great feature. However, it also emits Carbon (to some extent). 

What Does ECO Mean On An Air Conditioner

What is eco-mode?

We know the AC unit is a big matter to measure its ability to cool down the room space. The more units an AC comes with its feature the more ability it will have to cool down the environment. By the way, the power of ac is applied by the programmable thermostats. 

The eco-friendly thermostats are smarter than the regular mode. For example, the eco mode will understand when there are no people available in the room. Therefore, it will automatically shut down since there is no one in the room. On the other hand, when the room temperature reaches a certain coolness or temp then it will also understand and then shut itself. 

How does the eco mode work in an ac? 

The eco mode works against the set temperature. It means, when the AC reaches a certain point of temp then it will automatically shut off. Afterwards, it will again turn back to the power every 10 mins (commonly) later. 

Motion sensor: Eco mode can understand the presence of people in a room which we call motion sensor. By using this sensor it can save energy. 

Sunlight sensor: When the sunlight passes the room with its energy, then the eco mode comes to understand its presence as well, so it pushes the Unit to generate more air blow to hit. 

Fan off/on: When the set temp reaches a certain point, then it can automatically shut down or on if needed. 

Temperature increase: Eco mode has the ability to increase the temperature by 2°C

Eco Mode vs Auto Mode in AC

Trying to decide between auto mode and eco mode on your air conditioner? It can be a confusing decision. Here, we’ll break down the differences between the two modes so you can make an informed choice about which one is right for you.

What Does Auto Mode Do?

Auto mode allows you to set a temperature for your air conditioner and then it will adjust automatically as needed. This means that if the temperature outside changes, or if the humidity increases, your AC will adjust accordingly.

This is great for people who don’t want to manually adjust their thermostat every time there’s a change in temperature or humidity.

What Does Eco Mode Do?

Eco mode stands for “Economic” mode and it allows you to save energy by using less power than you would with auto mode. When your AC is set to eco mode, it will not run as often or as long as it would in auto mode.

This means that while you may not experience quite as cool of an environment, you will save money on your energy bills over time.

Which One Should You Use?

It all comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a cooler environment and are willing to pay more for energy bills, then auto mode might be the better choice for you. However, if you’re looking to save money on energy costs but don’t mind a warmer environment, then eco mode might be the way to go.

Benefits of eco friendly ACs

Eco-friendly ACs come with the following benefits mentioned below: 

Utilize minimum energy: 

The key reason why most people opt for the eco mode is due to its amazing energy saving choice. It can dramatically save more power at the same time it serves better. Turns out the upfront cost is lower than the older version of AC for that, people choose it over the older versions of AC. End of the month, you will see a reduced electric bill. 

Sustain more and reliable: 

This kind of Ac is the updated one with more durability. This newer system is better than the older one with its amazing efficiency since it uses only 70% of the compressor. Therefore, it can comfortably run for hours. Moreover the variable speed capacity add more energy. 


Previously, we got to experience an AC that has robust power with noisy operation. Nowadays, the eco friendly AC is good for low noise production so it won’t make any chaos to the environment. Since it releases minimum energy so it is not bothering you. Overall, it is better and safer for us. 


How to use eco mode in ac

Using the eco mode is so easy, all you need to do is to know how to use the remote control of that AC. Once you will switch to the eco mode button then the AC will become more smarter so you don’t even need to shut down the temp while needed. 

Eco mode vs auto mode in ac

Eco mode and auto mode both are not the same thing. The eco mode runs the eco cycle of your air-conditioner by changing a few degrees. On the other hand, the cool mode helps to lower down the temp more precisely and frequently change the compressor level. 
That being said, eco mode runs the compressor to the slower level based on a few factors, especially while you are not present in the room. But cooling ac won’t understand that difference. 

Parting Words

Eco mode is a great innovation and you are ready to use  it. However, make sure you will keep the regular maintenance of your AC. When you are using eco mode, you are reducing the emission of Carbon to nature. Turns out, you and your next generation will get benefits out of this. 

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