Is There Supposed To Be Styrofoam In My Air Conditioner

Summer is knocking at the door, and all the questions regarding air conditioning are rising in our minds. Some people are worrying whether their air conditioner works fine or not. One of the most hoisted queries, is there supposed to be styrofoam in my air conditioner? 

However, the answer is as positive as ever, and it is available in all window air conditioners. There is styrofoam or expanded polystyrene inside the air conditioner most of the time. Nonetheless, some air conditioner designs are so compact that they replace the styrofoam with other particles to do the same tasks as styrofoam.

We often see while building a house that employees are spraying one kind of liquid. Within a few seconds, the liquid starts creating foam, and the eventual phase is a hard thermal foam or styrofoam. Styrofoam foam is widely known as spray foam and expanded polystyrene. 

Is There Supposed To Be Styrofoam In My Air Conditioner

Is There Supposed To Be Styrofoam In My Air Conditioner-A Quick Guide

Uses Of Styrofoam

The prime tasks of the styrofoam, which exists inside the air conditioner, are

Thermal Insulation

At the current time, there is no other equipment that can provide such thermal insulation as styrofoam or expanded polystyrene. 

These expanded polystyrenes are steady and hard objects. Therefore, air conditioners, cold storage and other objects that maintain thermal factors use expanded polystyrene or styrofoam.

Air Tight

Besides being a thermal particle, it has extraordinary traits to be an airtight object. It helps the window air conditioner remain divided between the outer side of the room and the inside. 

Hence, the cool air that gets out of the window air conditioner does not fade away. In addition, the air from the outside can’t enter the room. 

Besides, styrofoam is a water-resistant component. It assists in keeping the surface moist. No damage occurs due to rain or snow. Not only that, styrofoam or expanded polystyrene also works as a barrier so that water drops can’t go inside the room from outside. 

Drawbacks Of Styrofoam

We experience styrofoam in all types of air conditioners due to its use of it. Since every existing thing has beneficial sides, these have disadvantages. Like the other particles, styrofoam has downsides too. In fact, it has enough disadvantages that it ought to be banned.

Let’s go with the human body first. It is a form of plastic, and like other plastic, it has hazardous effects on our surroundings. It contains plenty of toxic elements like Benzene. 

As a consequence, it can cause numerous difficulties in the human body. The toxic elements can enter our bodies through the inhalation process while burning styrofoam. And the eventual stage is cancer. 

In addition, the toxicities that styrofoam extracts after trashing pollute the soil and water. It also creates a massive expansion of toxic elements in the zoology and botany segments.

Many travellers and marine biologists have observed floating styrofoam on the sea surface. And according to reports, it is an alarming circumstance that is harming marine biological creatures. 

Last but not the least, styrofoam is able to depreciate itself by the touch of temperature. Which directly harms the ozone layer and lets the ultraviolet rays come on the earth surface. 

How Can You Remove Dirt Or Clean Styrofoam?

The dirt removal or cleaning of styrofoam incorporates several easy steps. You can start following the steps and wash your window air conditioner styrofoam yourself without paying an expert. 

  1. The air conditioner is an electric device that requires more voltage compared to any other device. Therefore, before opening the cover of the air conditioner, we must cut the circuit. The best way to maintain safety is to unplug the air conditioner. 
  2. Then with a piece of mild, wet cotton fabric, wash the outer part of the air conditioner. You can also use detergent in a meagre amount to get out the sturdy specks of dirt. 

However, you must maintain caution that water must not enter the air conditioner’s inner part. Otherwise, it will damage the inner units. Don’t use a rough cloth or brush to clean. These hard tools can leave scratches on your air conditioner.

  1. The time comes to wash the inner part. Remove the slide of your air conditioner. Don’t forget to be gentle because these parts are sensitive to break. 

Then wipe the inner part of the air conditioner and clean the dirt. The outstanding ramification comes when you use an anti-bacterial cleaner.

  1. Afterwards, you need to wash the air filter of your air conditioner. First, detach the air conditioners. Then dip it into a bucket full of water. Let it be for a concise while. You will notice the dust is becoming loose. 

Then hang the air filter and let the water drain away. After that, use a mild detergent to wash it gently. And let the filter dry.

  1. After drying everything, you can install the units to your air conditioner and plugin. Notice the first 10 mins carefully whether there is any leakage or not. If you find no leak, your washed air conditioner is ready to use again. If you find any leak, you may take the assistance of an expert. 


Should I remove the styrofoam from my air conditioner?

No, you must not remove the styrofoam. The styrofoam is a vital part in a window or split type air conditioner. It helps to keep the moist inside the room and prevent the room from outer particles such as rain, dust, snow etc. Hence, it is undoubtedly an unwise idea to remove the styrofoam from your air conditioner. 

Why Foam is coming out of my air conditioner?

Styrofoam is a sturdy element which usually does not come out. Nonetheless, rats can be a significant reason behind this. My suggestion is to have a look immediately by detaching the cover or outer part. If there is no rat, perhaps it is the heating issue. However, on the other issues except rat, you must call an expert.


Since an air conditioner is an electric device, it is perilous sometimes. So, if you think you can’t deal with electricity, you must ask a certified expert. You can find one of them online. Besides, the foam is not less than an eggshell. 

Hence, it requires delicate hands to deal with it. About the amount of detergent, it must be in the right amount. Damage in styrofoam can cost you a lot to repair, so you must be careful regarding that.

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