How to bypass thermal switch on water heater

Water heaters are widely used in temperate countries. Heating the cold water in the oven and using it is risky. The hot water heater does not have these problems. When needed, you get hot water at the temperature you set.

But these water heaters also use different safety equipment for safety reasons, including thermal cut-off switches or thermal switches. Many times you can not just simply replace the TCO switch when it is broken. At that time, you might have thought about bypassing the thermal switch on the water heater.  

But, don’t know how to bypass the thermal switch on a water heater? Let’s explore to know more.

How to bypass thermal switch on water heater

How to bypass the thermal switch on the water heater?

Currently, most water heaters have thermal switches adjusted during manufacturing. However, many people want to bypass the thermal switch in the water heater for various reasons.

You can keep these things near you if you want to bypass the TCO switch or Thermal switch on the hot water heater. The items are – wire nuts or an in-line fuse, electrical fuse, crimper, electric tap, ScrewDriver, and safety tools. Then you just need to follow these steps.

  1. First, unplug the water heater. It is unwise to work with any electric device when its power switch is on. Don’t start work until the hot tub or hot water tank hasn’t coolen down.
  1. Secondly, locate the control panel of the water heater. The control panel’s location varies depending on the model and brand. In this case, you can take help from the buyer’s guidebook.
  1. If you have found out the precise panel, locate the thermal TCO switch. The wire will be coming out from there. 
  1. Connect the Thermal switch with those wires using the wire nuts. You can use the electric tap for a more safe connection.  
  1. Now turn the heater Switch on and check the connection.  If the thermal switch works properly, go for it. If not so, please take help from the professional. 

Is it safe to bypass the thermal switch on the gas water heater?

In a word, it is not safe to bypass the thermal switch while running the water heater. I recommend you replace the thermal switch Instead of bypassing it. Otherwise, It can cause potential accidents. Nowadays, almost every gas water heater has its thermal switch on it to resist overheating.

If your one doesn’t work or anything else, bypassing the thermal switch on gas heaters is still not good. It is not generally doesn’t considered a safe method. 

Therefore the Insurance company may not support in case there is an accident. Still, many people use thermal switches in this way.

So, the rest is your choice. 

Precautions to be taken while using  or doing maintenance the hot Water Heater 

Gas heaters, propane heaters and electric water heaters are very popular as a hot water heater compared to other heaters, they are more convenient to use and less risky. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are repairing or servicing a hot water heater –

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thermal switch on a water heater?

The thermal switch or TCO switch is generally considered a Safety feature. It is mainly an electric device, though it is not any heating element. There are two types of TCO switch – Normally open and normally closed Thermal switch. People use it in home appliances for safety. 

What does a thermal switch do?

A thermal switch basically senses the flammable vapors, and it gets activated near the water heater. Besides, a thermal switch protects your appliances or water heating machines from the possible damage of excessive electricity flow.

How does a thermal cutoff switch work on newer gas water heaters?

The thermal cut off switch or thermocouple is an electric safety device that disconnects the electric connection depending on the changes of the water temperature limitations or heat. It prevents accidents by cutting off the electric connection or gas control. 

What is the average cost of replacing a thermal switch on a water heater?

The price depends on the quality of the normal thermal switch. Prices for this important device start at around 150 USD. You can easily buy an international standard thermal switch for between 120 USD to 200 USD.

What kind of thermal switch is used on a water heater and a Refrigerator? 

Answer: The Normal open thermal switch is used on the tankless water heater, the gas heater, or the heat exchanger. It trips when the electricity flow exceeds or the temperature goes high. On the contrary, the Normal closed thermal switch is used on appliances like refrigerators. 
  • Turn off the electrical connection to the electric water heater before starting the servicing or repairing work.
  • Check if you can smell any gas leaks if you are using a natural gas heater. When you smell any gasoline, make sure to turn off all the electrical connections of the water pump motor and don’t light fire or something like that. 
  • Put on hand gloves and wear Safety Goggles. It is a great way to escape many unpredictable accidents.
  • Use a multimeter to check the electrical connection on the wires. It is the best gadget for measuring electrical resistance. 
  • Don’t touch any exposed wire without checking the electric connection. Otherwise, you might get electrically shocked from the loose wiring.
  • Stay Alert always while working with the water heaters.
  • Must take the professional’s help while installing the water heater. Experience enhances the skill. Take help from an expert who is experienced as well as skilled.
  • Do not keep any flammable substance near the water heater. Fire accidents tend to happen due to this kind of contact. 
  • Never ever forget to ensure the proper ventilation in the area where you installed the water heater. Even if there is any leak in your water heater system,  it might help in reducing the probability of any accident.
  • Make sure to check if the gas control valve, combustion chamber, and boiler are working in a proper way. Check out the water heater thermostat too. If your heater has a faulty thermostat, you need repairing. Check the water flow of the heater. 
  • Make sure of the regular servicing of the water heater. Due to using it for a long time, your water heater needs the proper servicing. In this way, you are ensuring the long lifespan of your machine

Final Verdict

Using a Water heater comes with a lot of precautions that must be maintained. If you are familiar with electronic gadgets and tools, then you can bypass the thermal switch on the water heater by yourself following the mentioned instructions. 

But if you are just a newbie in this field, take assistance from any professional serviceman. We leave you here today buddy. Adios!

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