Everything You Need To Know About Waste Oil Burning Heater For Garage

Today we live in a world full of waste and most of the time we don’t know what to do with it. Oil is one of the main fuels used in our everyday machinery. And when it is used it becomes waste and quite a headache. There comes the idea of a waste oil burning heater for garage using the waste oil. 

So, these days this idea is hovering around mostly in the USA and Canada which is making heaters using waste oil. Well, it sounds promising as an innovation because it eliminates the need of dumping used oil. Instead, you can turn it into something useful. 

There are several positive aspects of this project. It can save cost and energy as well as help us keep the environment free of disposed of oil. But these all depend on how tangible and efficient the project is. As of now, it has been quite a successful project and the benefits of this have been proven to be true.

waste oil burning heater for garage

Are waste oil heaters worth it?

Waste oil heaters are not perfectly free from any deficiencies but they have so much to offer that their issues can be unseen. If you are planning to build one for yourself then go ahead and do it. Here are some reasons why waste oil heaters are worth it.


It will literally save you money for heat. You are turning waste into fuel. Used oil is of no value if not used in this project and it was going to be dumped. Now you can have the heat generated from it. It will save the money that was needed for fuel for your heater.

More environment friendly

As the waste oil is getting recycled. It doesn’t anymore need to be disposed of, which is a threat to nature and the environment. No matter wherever it is dumped there is some negative feedback. Now it’s all gone to an extent. 

Conserves natural resources

Recycling the used oil means the load on new oil demand is reduced. Because the used oil is already fulfilling the need for fuel in this machine which had to be done by new oil. So, this saves a lot of natural resources for the future. 

Risk eliminator

When your business generates waste oil, this can be a liability nightmare for you. Even after you’ve given the responsibility of disposal to someone else you can still be held accountable for this matter. So, to get rid of it altogether, waste oil heaters are a great escape for you. 

It keeps you away from legal problems as well as saves you from polluting the environment. And you are getting extra heat without any new fuel. How about that!

An efficient heat-source

As unbelievable it may sound, used oil possesses more energy than coal and number 2 fuel oil. As a gallon of this waste oil can be used to generate 18 kWh of electricity, only two gallons of this oil can produce enough electricity for a household for 24 hours. Amazing right?

Lasts long and maintenance is low

These waste oil heaters are built to last a long time. They are built with stainless steel and are less prone to any type of corrosion, breakage, or collapse. Clean Burn is the world leader in making them.

Not only are they long-lasting they are also low maintenance. No need to do checking on it on a daily basis. They do not need troubleshooting very often.  

Do your part to get awarded

If you are in a business and you are recycling the used oil to produce heat, you are a hero. The world is getting more and more serious about the issue of conserving natural resources and reducing pollution. And you are contributing to both of the movements. 

So, let people know what you are doing and it is a great move for your company. You are doing your part for the environment and the betterment of the world. And the world will reward you back. 

How do you make a drip oil waste heater at a low cost?

To build a used waste oil burning heater for a garage that will be drip-fed and will heat up the garage or shop to about 30-40 degrees. These are the steps needed to be followed. Should not cost you anything to make this with scraps and waste oil can cost around 0.97$ per gallon if you don’t generate any.Pi

Materials needed

You will need 

  • Grinder, Scrap propane tank, plasma cutter
  • MiG welder, hammer, 4-inch 10ft pipe 
  • Steel cooking pan, enclosed brake disc, bolts
  • Temperature sensor to check the heat, iron rods

Making the main body

  • Use the propane tank as the main body. 
  • Weld the chimney pipe and the footing onto the propane tank. 
  • Right through the middle add the pipe and the retainers for the pan and the legs need to be welded around the vessel. 

Airflow improvement

  • For that, cut a bunch of holes around the legs and add some more spaces on the legs to keep the heat away from the concrete floor. 
  • You can also make a venting hole in the middle of the tank. 

Temperature controller

  • Add two 7/16 holes primarily right at the base to control the burner by adjusting how much airflow is going into the burner. 
  • The air holes for the draft should not be too big, rather make plenty of holes so that increasing temperature and airspeed, the fresh air can get to the burner. 
  • So, the burner will remain clean. 

Open drip system

  • You can keep the drip system open so that you can check how much oil flow is there. 
  • It is also a safety measure. If there is a flashback then it will pop out of here and won’t go back into the reservoir.  

Heat dissipation system

  • For better heat dissipation the drip system is built of heavy pipe and small ball valve and placed at a distance and a specific height. 
  • With the help of fans, the heat dispersion is increased. 
  • Two fans are used for this purpose, one to blow the hot air away and one to bring fresh air in. 

To start the machine

  • For that, put the waste oil into the steel pan and bring it under the burner. 
  • Make sure no trace of water is there in the oil. Or else the oil will splatter out of the secondary holes. 
  • The more it will come into the burning chamber, the more burning will happen and more smoke will be made. 


  • The machine will be completely and easily serviceable. 
  • It is completely mobile and not bolted down. 
  • The chimney, the exhaust pipe can be unhooked and the drip system pipe can be removed. It will be built like that.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are waste oil heaters so expensive?

It is simply because it is a new technology and the regulations are stricter on this project. That’s why the components are tough to meet those demands. So, the overall price becomes high. 

How efficient are waste oil heaters?

When they are kept lean, they can generate highly efficient energy. Waste oil stores more energy in it than coal. And it produces a high amount of energy at a very low cost. So, these heaters are efficient. 

Is it bad to burn used motor oil?

Burning these oils surely creates some dangerous gases and disperses heavy particles in the environment. But at the same time if not used in these heaters the oil would have been dumped into nature which is worse. So, it’s better to use them in these projects. 


This is an era of technological revolution. But we have to pay some heavy prices for this. Generating a huge amount of waste is one of them. Sometimes the waste is very harmful to the environment and sometimes it can be recycled. So the project of a waste oil burning heater for garage is great.

We can use waste oil to generate heat again. And this can be done in a very simple way by building waste oil-burning heaters. It will use the already used oil as fuel. So, no need to dump the oil into the environment and at the same time generate heat from it. 

Making a small waste oil burning heater for the garage can save you a lot of money that was needed to buy fuel for a new oil-burning heater. And this cheap waste oil heater can save you from waste disposal liabilities. So, this project shines in every way.  

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