Infrared vs. radiant heater: Basic Differences!

Infrared and radiant heaters both are quite popular options. With these heaters, you can quickly heat up the room in no time without any physical effort. Additionally, they don’t cause any excess loss of heat transfer. These are efficient People often get confused while choosing any of these two heaters. Moreover, each of these heaters is available in many forms.

Infrared and radiant heaters have varieties in types and their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is perfect for you would depend on various factors.

Do a quick research and learn about infrared vs. radiant heaters before picking any heater. 

Infrared vs radiant heater

Overview Of Infrared Heater

An infrared heater uses an infrared lamp, electrical wire, flame heat or sunlight. It is not visible in human eyes but will create a warm effect both in indoor and outdoor areas. This heater work in a faster way which makes them more durable. They don’t have any moving elements as well. Thai thing extends the performance reliability. 

Different types of infrared heaters:

Infrared heaters can run on propane, electricity or natural gas. Each of these has different working methods. 

Give a quick check here:

Infrared space heaters:

Infrared space heaters are compatible with high ceiling rooms. It is perfect for heating up a larger space in less time. It won’t create heat transfer and provide almost 100% Heat around the room. This can create issues for people who don’t want targeted heating. If you’re searching space heaters for bigger areas, consider getting the ones with large sizes. 

Infrared electric heaters:

Infrared space heaters obviously only run with electricity. It produces heat by passing electricity through the high resistance elements. If you can’t arrange gas, go for electric heaters. If you want cozy and sound heating serum in an energy-efficient way, go with infrared electric heaters.

Infrared patio heaters:

Infrared patio heaters are the perfect pick for outdoor heating. It also provides targeted heat in a particular area. You can easily carry such heaters as they are slim and portable. 

Infrared propane heaters: 

The infrared propane heater is run by fuel. This works quietly but instantly. Even at the coldest time, you’ll get efficient heating here. Most people use propane heaters in the garage. It doesn’t hold any permanent energy source and requires a propane tank. That can be a big issue for many. 

Overview of radiant heater:

Radiant heaters basically work with pure radiation. Here it works with the heat-carrying method. The issue you can experience here is, they produce heat in the daytime. For nighttime heating efficiency, you’ve to go with the solar air heating method. Such heaters are cost-effective enough for residential use. 

Different types of radiant heaters:

Radiant heaters hold various power methods. Surprisingly, it also holds differences through the installation process. Check on the radiant heaters:

Electric radiant heating system:

This type of heater works with electric coils wrapped in sheets. You can install it over the wall, floor or ceiling. The best thing about this heater is it is really energy efficient. 

Hydronic radiant heating system:

The hydronic radiant heater will use water to heat up the room. It is connected through a pipe to supply water. You can compare the process with the electric radiant heater. 

Air radiant heating system:

Air radiant heater is another most cost-efficient option to try. Air holds the capacity of carrying retain heat to keep up the balance. 

Infrared vs. radiant heater: Same or different? 

Infrared and radiant heaters are similar in functions. Both of them transfer energy directly to the earth rather than sending it over the air. With such heaters, you can imagine getting sun warmth. People fail to identify the difference between these instantly. Both of them work with infrared radiation supplies. 

Regarding all the features and working processes, the radiant heater and infrared heater are exactly the same things. However, infrared heaters mention that they only use infrared radiation to produce heat. Whereas, radiant heaters don’t clarify/ require a specific type of radiation.

Infrared and radiant heaters both supply focused heat. As they heat up the object, it will aim at a certain space/ area of your room. This stands for an issue for many. Infrared and radiant heaters are quite reliable as they don’t include any moving parts. Both of these don’t compromise anything with energy efficiency. 

However, they share some basic differences. 

DifferenceInfrared HeaterRadiant heater 
TypeOil-filled and ceramic space heaters also fall in the category of infrared heaterAll heaters are radiant hearts 
RadiationInfrared waves can hit other objectsRadiant heater absorbs radiation and supplies heat to the room. 
Cost Infrared heaters are costs little moreRadiant heaters cost comparatively 

Which one to pick?

Well, people often get confused about picking between infrared and radiant heaters. The modern version is an infrared one. It is more expensive than the radiant ones.

On the contrary, radiant heaters seem traditional. Suppose someone prefers a natural and safe option. Radiant eaters would be worthy of the shot.

If you want something to heat up the larger area, go with an infrared heater. Radiant heaters are not really suitable to spread enough heat and provide heat to certain areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are infrared heaters the best pick?

Infrared hearts get a similar warmth to the sun in your room. It provides a comfortable yet warm atmosphere in your space. 

What are the benefits of using a radiant heater?

Radiant heaters use forced air to heat up the room with maximum energy efficiency. You can heat up the room at a meager cost.

Final words:

Infrared and radiant heaters are two different yet dominant options. Both of them are pretty attractive to look at. These heaters are pretty similar in many ways. You must know in detail about the Infrared vs. radiant heater to choose the best. They work in different methods and still give similar effects. It would help if you got to know about your needs and purchase your suitable one.  

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