How To Work Around Baseboard Heaters?

Working around the baseboard heaters can be a tricky job. Especially for the kids, it can be highly dangerous to explore around a live baseboard heater in the room. Because baseboard heaters are capable of radiating extreme heat that can result in a temperature rise of the surrounding up to 200F. 

Despite the hazardous impact and dangers of the baseboard heater, it is quite impossible to avoid it. That is why it is better to know how to work around the baseboard heater safely. If you follow the safety protocols while working around the baseboard heater, then it will be easier. You must teach the kids or children to do the same in your absence.

In this article, we shall learn about different techniques and methods to bypass the danger and accidents caused by the baseboard heater.

How To Work Around Baseboard Heaters

How to work around baseboard heaters?

In order to work around the baseboard heaters safely, you have to follow some common safety measures.

Maintaining Safe Distance

You should always maintain a distance of a minimum of 1-3 feet from the baseboard heater. No matter what type of work you are doing, try to keep the distance from the baseboard heater. If you require mandatory cleaning around the heater, it is recommended to turn off the machine for a while. Otherwise, there would be a chance of accidental touching to the housing of the heater and causing a burn.

Always be Alert

Keep your eyes open and be alert all the time of your movement near the baseboard heater. A minimal distraction may result in a fatal accident. If you are arranging your room or renovating it then put a long piece of furniture in front of the heater for a while. It will help you continue with the rest of your work quite easily. If the furniture is not available then take a red tape and make a hazard line. This shall keep you away from the heater. 

Using the baseboard heater cover

There is some baseboard heater cover available in the marketplace. You can buy it and cover up the heater without disrupting the airflow. It makes a shield between the heater and the outer panel. Therefore, your pets and kids can easily move around the baseboard heater without any worry of getting direct contact. 

Arrangement of furniture

You can use the furniture as shielding in front of the baseboard heater. The placement should be in such a way that the heater does not get overheated. Moreover, there should be plenty of room from the air pass and air regulation. This arrangement will keep you and your kids away from the heater. Besides, working around the baseboard heater will be easier.

The furniture you can use would be a sofa, bookshelves, couches, etc. above the minimum distance of one-two feet in horizontal direction should be maintained strictly.

Using protective Clothing

You can use silicon-based protective gloves and covers for your feet to avoid accidental contact with the heater. These are heat-insulating. Besides, you also wear heavy and fluffy clothes while working around the baseboard heater. It can resist the extreme heat for the heater and keep you safe.

Arrangement of accessories

Different types of household accessories can be arranged around the baseboard heater keeping the airflow intact. Shelves over the baseboard heater can be a good option to help to work around the heater. You can also use the shelve to put something decorative on it. Moreover, the billy bookcase over the baseboard heater will provide you with good shielding as well. 

By using side-by-side placement, the bookshelves can be arranged beautifully around the baseboard heater. It shall enhance the outlook of the room and also becomes protective.

How far should furniture be from hot water baseboard heaters?

Hot water baseboards are the most tricky and dangerous form of baseboard heaters. These are capable of producing extreme amounts of heat within a short time. Since these heaters are quite traditional without heating control, fire hazards can take place. 

Especially when placing furniture around the Hydronic baseboard heater, the distance should be maintained strictly. You must place the furniture at least 15 inches or more than a foot away from the heater. Moreover, the space in between them should be well ventilated with good airflow. 

Any furniture placement less than 12 inches should not be allowed at all. Because there can be rapid heat build-up with extreme temperature rise. And furniture being combustible may easily catch fire. 


Let us get to know the frequently asked questions and the answers regarding working around a baseboard heater.

Can you build around baseboard heaters?

You can build around the baseboard heater by keeping in mind the continuous and unhampered airflow disruptions. A minimum distance should be maintained from the baseboard heater to keep the accessories safe from overheating. The bookshelves, cupboard, wardrobe, wall-mounted boards can be built around the baseboard heater.

How do you deflect heat from baseboard heaters?

You can use some reflective home appliances to deflect the heat from the baseboard heaters. Some reflective bubble wraps, shiny metallic surfaces, and reflective metal sheets can get the job done. These will deflect the overheat from the heater and avoid heat accumulation.

How do you modernize baseboard heating?

Baseboard heaters are quite a conventional way of heating the room. Nowadays you can use a ductless heat pump. These are mostly air conditioning systems, which receive air from the outside and clean it and deliver hot clean air inside the room. 
Besides, using solar conductive sheets for trapping heat can also be used to replace the baseboard heater. Above all, digital furnace systems and wood-burning systems are the common ways that can be used instead of the baseboard heaters. All these methods are comparatively cheaper and safer than the baseboard heaters.


Working around a live baseboard heater can be dangerous. You should always remain alert and maintain distance from the heater while working. But if you know how to work around baseboard heaters, you can do it without having any accidents.

To avoid that you can take some measures such as baseboard covers, furniture placements, and building around the heater. All these will help you to work being worried less around the baseboard heater.

Make sure you follow the proper safety measurements and the right steps when working around baseboard heaters. It is risky for sure, you can work around the heaters without any damage.

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