Can I Use Flexible Pipe For Water Heater

In winter-prone countries, almost all households use water heaters. It’s like a member. But when using a water heater, one has to be very careful about various things. In this context, water heater users are often confused about whether a water heater pipe is better if it is rigid or a flexible pipe.

Many people often ask can I use a flexible pipe for a water heater?

The short answer is yes, and you can safely use it for a Flexible Pipe Water Heater. But, lemme explore and explain this elaborately.

Can I use flexible pipe for water heater

Can I use flexible pipe for water heater

You already know that you can use a flexible hose or pipe for a water heater effortlessly. Let us know how safe it is for you. 

Professional Plumbers say that using a flex pipe or water line reduces the possibility of accidents. So, it is very safe to use flex piping on water heaters.

One of the most interesting things is that the expert suggests that you should use a flexible pipe for a water heater. 

Using a flex hose has so much significance that in places like California it is mandatory to use flexible pipes for use in an electric water heater. The only reason behind this is that it is safer to use a flexible pipe than to use a rigid pipe or straight pipe water heater. Flexible pipes reduce the chances of a major accident, especially in earthquake-prone areas. Therefore, it is wise to use a flexible gas line on a water heater.

The flexible hose or connector user must keep in mind that it is better to replace the pipes every 8 to 10 years for safety reasons. Also, it needs to be kept under regular servicing. Also, maintain the guidelines from the user manual.  It might help you in a great way for maintaining the flex pipe on your water heater. 

Do outside gas pipes need insulation?

Outside gas pipes are often left unattended or given extra care. But do not forget that it is somehow connected to your water heater. So giving extra attention is a must. To protect the gas pipes from any unexpected trouble,  it is vital to insulate it. So if you have a question on your mind, if your outside gas pipe needs insulation.   

The answer is – Yes, of course. Insulation of Outside Gas Pipes or water pipes is very important. Not only the outside gas pipe but also the pipes inside the house need to be insulated. If you live in an extra cold area, the outside pipeline may freeze due to excessively cold weather. If you do use insulation, it won’t happen. 

Besides, if you use insulation indoors, it will help to keep your pipe warm. In a word, the insulation of the gas pipes of your gas water heater is necessary considering its practical benefits.

What type of pipe is used for water heaters?

Choosing a pipe for cold water flow is not as much of a concern as buying a water heater pipe. If you are also wondering which type of pipe is best for a water heater, then this part is for you.  

Hot water heaters are mainly heated by applying heat to cold water. In this case, PEX is the best quality hose for both cold and hot water flow. The durability of PEX pipe is relatively good. 

By calculation, it is far better than copper pipe. So if you use a water heater, you can safely use a PEX pipe. This type of water heater connector is suitable for both small businesses and residential.

There is another type of pipe that can be used for hot water flow and water supply. The pipe is CPVC. You can use a CPVC pipe for a maximum temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. 

You can also use galvanized steel or iron pipes as plumbing pipes. However, it is better for old homes and commercial work.

Hopefully, using this information will make it easier for you to choose the right plumbing pipe for your water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use a flexible pipe for a water heater in Illinois?

Unfortunately, a great state like Illinois is conservative regarding the use of a flex pipe on a water heater.  It is nearly considered illegal in Illinois. But if you can get permission from the authority to use a flex pipe, you can use it in even Illinois.

How to connect a copper pipe to a water heater?

Connecting a copper pipe to a water heater is different from connecting to other types of pipe. It is a flexible connector. You may even need the help of a professional. Basically, you can connect the Copper pipe using a soldering process.  

Is it OK to use SharkBite fittings on a hot water heater?

SharkBite fittings are manufactured in such a way that they are especially good for hot water heater connections. You can use it on electric Water heaters as well as gas heaters.

What is the average cost of using a flex pipe on a water heater?

Well, the average price of a  12 inches stainless steel flex pipe is around 12 USD to 30USD.It varies according to the brand. Moreover, the length of the pipe affects the price. 

Can I use a PVC pipe on the water heater? 

Answer: Generally, a PVC pipe is used for cold water. So I won’t recommend it for use in a water heater. If your water has separate sections for cold water and hot water, you can use the PVC pipe in the cold water section for water flow.


If you have read the whole article, you can choose the best type of flex connection for your water heater. 

But don’t forget to consider the instructions that are implemented in your country regarding connector pipes on Water heaters.  

Moreover,  check out the quality and purchase the best one for your appliance. Because Safety comes first.

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