How to Save Your Back and Your Wallet with a Water Heater Hand Truck

When you have to constantly move an awkward, heavy piece of equipment up and down flights of stairs, it’s bound to take a toll on your back. That’s why most hotels and apartment buildings invest in water heater hand trucks when installing new water heaters. This little piece of equipment makes moving the hot water tank much easier, saving your back and your wallet. If you install or replace a water heater at home, there’s no reason not to get one of these useful tools. Even if you don’t plan on moving your new water heater very often, the strain will still take its toll over the years. Keeping this in mind, here are some benefits that investing in a water heater hand truck can provide:

Water Heater Hand Truck

How to Find the Best Hand Truck for Your Water Heater

The size and weight of your water heater will determine which hand truck model is best for you. Be sure to measure your water heater and look for hand trucks with the right capacity. Another factor to keep in mind is the length of the handle. The longer the handle, the better leverage you get when moving the water heater. If you want to protect your back, you need as much leverage as you can get. Finally, take a look at the wheels. You want the wheels to be sturdy enough to handle the weight of your water heater and be wide enough to roll on a variety of terrains. For the safest, most efficient experience, purchase a hand truck with a locking mechanism for the wheels. This way, you can secure the water heater in place during transport.

The Best Water Heater Hand Trucks On the Market

There are many brands of water heater hand trucks on the market, but when you’re in the market for a new one, you should consider investing in the Rheem RTG-18 Hand Truck. It’s a high-quality product made from solid steel and will likely last you for years to come. The Rheem RTG-18 has a 1000-lb capacity and can be adjusted to fit any size water heater. In addition to the hand truck, you’ll also get a free set of straps to secure your water heater. This is a great little bonus that can save you some cash down the road. The American Forge and Foundry hand truck is another great option that comes with a decent price tag. If you’re looking for a hand truck that brings a little more style to the table, this one is a great option. The American Forge and Foundry hand truck is designed to be easy to use and to fit a variety of water heaters. It also comes with a two-year warranty, so you can feel confident in making this purchase.

Why Hotels Love Water Heater Hand Trucks

Hotels have strict regulations when it comes to lifting heavy objects. If one of their employees endures an injury from lifting a water heater, it’s not only inconvenient for the employee but also costly for the hotel. Water heater hand trucks are a simple solution that solves both problems. As mentioned earlier, water heater hand trucks provide the leverage needed to safely lift a heavy water heater. They can also be used to roll the water heater on wooden pallets so that it’s off the ground. This way, the water heater can stay out of the way but is still easily accessible when it’s needed. Another reason hotels love water heater hand trucks is that they’re cheap. With these hand trucks, hotels can protect their employees from injury while also saving money that might be spent on Workers’ Compensation.

It’s Cheap Protection for Your Investment

Water heaters generally have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, but it’s not uncommon for them to blow out much sooner. A water heater hand truck is cheap protection for your investment and can be used for any future water heater installations. This can save you time and money in the long run, especially if you have a high-end water heater. These water heaters are heavy and can be difficult to install without the proper tools. A water heater hand truck makes the job much easier and can save you time and energy in the process. As mentioned earlier, water heater hand trucks can be used to roll the water heater on wooden pallets. Rolling a water heater on wooden pallets can also help to protect your floor from being damaged by the weight of the water heater.

You’ll Save Time and Energy

As mentioned above, a water heater hand truck makes it easier to roll the water heater on wooden pallets. This can save you time because the water heater can be kept off the ground, out of the way, and out of your path as you work. Similarly, a water heater hand truck can make it easier to roll the water heater down a flight of stairs. It can be difficult to lift and carry a heavy water heater down a flight of stairs, and it can be risky if you don’t have proper support. A water heater hand truck can make it easier to move the water heater down the stairs without risking an injury.

You’ll Protect Your Back

When you have the proper tools for the job, lifting a heavy object like a water heater is easier than ever. However, sometimes the easiest solutions can be the ones we overlook. There may be times when you have to lift a heavy water heater to put it in place. While it can be tempting to just lift the water heater and get the job done, doing so can put a lot of stress on your back and lead to injury. In addition to being easier on your back, using a water heater hand truck to lift and move the water heater can be safer for other people in the vicinity. This can be especially helpful if you have guests visiting your home.

Key Takeaway

The water heater hand truck can greatly improve the installation and removal process of a water heater, as well as make it easier for maintenance workers to move a water heater if necessary. With a water heater hand truck, you can lift and transport a water heater from below, from above, or from either side. With a hand truck, you can move a water heater that weighs up to 10,000 pounds! This handy tool can save you time and energy, protect your back, and protect your wallet. Now that you know what a water heater hand truck can do for you, you have no excuse not to invest in one.


Whether you’re in the process of selling your home or building a new workshop, moving furniture across a concrete floor can be a painful job. And while you might think that a heavy-duty hand truck will do the trick, it doesn’t take much imagination to appreciate the potential benefits of having a lightweight, high-capacity water heater hand truck in your tool arsenal. The water heater hand truck is, without a doubt, an underrated and underutilized tool that, when used correctly, can make your life much easier.

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