How Many Amps Does A 10kw Heater Pull

Have you wondered how many amps a 10kw heater pull and how much energy your heater is using? Don’t worry; we have provided all the answers in this guide. There are specific ways to find out how many amps a heater pulls. 

A 10kw heater pulls 41.6 amps in total. And a heat stripe pull of 10kw pulls 50 amps. Kw is short for kilowatts, and amps is short for ampere. Knowing the voltage and power factor is necessary to measure the ampere a heater pulls. Different voltages pull a different ampere level, depending on where you live. 

Keep reading to know more! We have discussed the conversion from kilowatts to ampere thoroughly below.

How Many Amps Does A 10kw Heater Pull

How To Convert 10 kW To Amps?

To convert watts to amps, we use the Watts Law. I = P divided by E is the formula, where P represents the power measured in watts, E is the voltage measured in volts, and I is the current measured in amps. 10 kW is 9.6 kW in reality. 

It is essential to know the voltage to determine how many amps a heater pulls. A 10kW heater with a current at 120V will pull 60.141 amps, whereas the same heater at 240V will pull 30.07 amps. In addition, you will also have to check if the electric current is of alternating current or type direct.

The 10kW ampere conversion differs for three and a single-phase for alternating currents. 

We use I = 1000 x 10 kW divided by (3 x PF x V) for three-phase generations. The line-to-line voltage formula is 1000 x 10 kW / root over 3 x PF x V).

In addition, there are specific converters you can find online that can be useful in determining the ampere your 10 kW heater pulls. You will only be required to insert the needed information such as voltage, power factor, number of phases, and the software will provide you with the ampere figure with one click.

How To Convert KW To Ampere With Single Phase?

For converting kW to ampere with single-phase, use I = 1000 x kW (vac x PF). Hence, you can calculate amps from AC – Kw by dividing kilowatts with the product of the RMS value of the power factor and AC voltage, then multiplying it with 1000.

How Many Watts Does An Amp Have?

Ampere multiplied by voltages is the power a device uses. For example, a device rated at 10 amps will use 1,110 watts if plugged into a 110 volt supply. A one ampere current at one volt utilizes one-watt power.

Single Phase Systems And Three Phased Systems 

Different power systems pull different amps at specific voltages. To simplify it, we have mentioned the amps and the voltage for these two systems below. These amps are specifically for 10 kW heaters only.

Single Phase System

120 voltage = 84.34 ampere

240 voltage = 41. 667 ampere

Three Phase Systems (Industrial/Commercial Voltages)

208 voltage = 48.07 ampere

277 voltage = 36.10 ampere

480 voltage = 20.83 ampere

600 voltage = 16.67 ampere

240 V Heater vs. 120 V Heater:

Every electrical appliance has a voltage reading on it. Heaters usually use 120 volts or 240 volts. Now you might think that connecting a 120 volt heater to a 240 volt heater will give you more heat. But this is not the case at all.

If you connect a 120 volt heater to a 240 volt heater, you might notice a difference. Your heater might stop working for a short amount of time. And when it does work, it will give out very little heat.

You might wonder what will happen if you connect a 240 volt to a 120 volt heater. Often people think that they will get more heat, but this is not true. The chances are your heater will overheat and the fuse will melt.

When it comes to efficiency, both 120 volt and 240 volt have the same efficiency as they generate the same heat per square foot. A 240 volt heater is said to be better because of the current it uses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size breaker do I need for a 10kw heater strip?

Dividing 10,000 watts by 240 volts is equal to 41.6 amps. Therefore, you will need a 50 amp breaker for this unit. The max should be 60 amp.

How many KW is needed to heat a house?

Using electricity, natural gas, or fuel can help you measure the energy used to heat your house. A house in a moderate climate needs between 5,000 kW to 30,000 kW per year for heating. If you live in a colder region, your heater can use more energy. 

What wire do you need for 50 amps?

You can use 50 amps for several different appliances in your house. A 6 gauge wire is sufficient for 50 amps. However, certain appliances, like ovens and electric dryers, can alone need 50 amps to power them.


We hope our article could enlighten you regarding the conversion for kilowatts to ampere. How many amps a 10 kW heater pulls heavily depends on the voltage and power factor.

You will also have to consider other things, such as if the electric current is alternating currents or type direct, before checking how many amps your 10 kW heater pulls. Once you have figured these out, you can use the formulas mentioned in this article to measure the amps your heater draws.

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