All About The DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Costco

When the temperature gets intolerable, we cannot help buying an air conditioner. But it is not something that everyone can afford easily. However, do you ever think about purchasing a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is not “portable” or “mobile” like its name. But it gives you some great benefits. If you have a tight pocket but still need an air conditioner, why not try a portable air conditioner?

You will find plenty of options for portable air conditioners. The best advantage of a portable AC is that it is less costly than a ceiling-fixed air conditioner. Besides, you can install it easily.

We will discuss the DeLonghi portable air conditioner Costco in this article. This portable air conditioner comes with many powerful and intelligent features that blow your mind. It is one of the best options that you can choose.

DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Costco

Things You Need To Know About DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Costco

The DeLonghi Portable Air conditioner Costco provides the best features among portable air conditioners. It means that it can dry the air by removing moisture from it. It comes with a 4 in 1 cooling option and dehumidifying system.

This portable air conditioner offers a 6,500-14,000 BTUs cooling option, enough for your bedroom. Besides, it costs 2900 watts per hour on average, while a regular air conditioner consumes 4100 watts per hour. So, it is much more energy-efficient than you expect.

Although a DeLonghi portable air conditioner is not long-lasting like a regular air conditioner, using it for 3-4 years at a low price is worth it. Besides, it is lighter and small in size than other portable air conditioners. So, you can easily replace it from one room to another.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that all portable air conditioners can only cover small spaces such as bedrooms and small living rooms. A De’Longhi portable air conditioner is not an exception. But, you will be happy to hear that it is less noisy than other portable air conditioners.


Dehumidifying Option

It must not be very pleasant when the air-conditioned room gets dewy because of excessive-moisture air. A dehumidifier can eliminate this air moisture and prevents frowsy odor from the room.

Nowadays, people want this dehumidifying feature with their air conditioners for a healthy and comfortable environment. 

Fortunately, the De’Longhi portable air conditioner includes this essential device. It cools down the air and dries the air out at the same time to prevent dampness.

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Using an air conditioner is always costly since it uses a lot of electric power. But a DeLonghi portable air consumes relatively less energy than any regular air conditioner.

Typically a portable air conditioner can consume up to 2900 watts per hour. Undoubtedly it saves a lot of power and money. But it always depends on the size and cooling option of the portable air conditioner. 

For example, a medium-sized DeLonghi portable air conditioner with 8000 BTUs usually consumes 650 watts per hour while you are using it.

Heating mode

It would be great if your air conditioner also heats your room in cold weather. Recently three of the De’Longhi portable air conditioner models include the heat mode and the cooling option.

If you stay in a place where you often need to keep your room warm, you can choose a DeLonghi portable AC with a heat option. The refrigerant collects heat from outside and casts it on your room. 

Thus it makes your room warmer during cold weather. But you need to know that it cannot work if the outside temperature is below zero degrees.

Quieter Than Other Portable ACs

You may complain about the noise while using a portable air conditioner. People who want to work in a quiet environment or relax must not like the noise of it.

Although the De’Longhi portable air conditioners are not entirely noiseless, they are the quietest among the portable air conditioners. So, you can choose this portable AC if you have noise issues since it makes the slightest noise.

Remote And Timer

The DeLonghi portable air conditioner Costco provides a remote like regular air conditioners to operate it. You can turn the AC on/off and use other options by remote controlling. Besides, it also comes with the timer feature. As a result, you can set a particular time for the portable AC to make an intended schedule. 

Apps And WiFi Connection

Many DeLonghi portable air conditioner models now feature some advanced apps and WiFi connections. So, you can efficiently operate your portable air conditioner with mobile apps and WiFi.

This feature gives you two benefits. The first one is that it will make it easier to use the portable AC. Secondly, you can turn on your AC before coming home, even from outside, to walk into the desired room temperature.


A De’Longhi portable AC is not literally “portable”. But you can move it quickly from one room to another because of its caster wheels. Besides, DeLonghi portable air conditioners are slightly lighter than other portable air conditioners.

General Specifications

Brand:   De’Longhi

Type: Portable air conditioner

AC type:   cooling and heating

Cooling capacity:  6500-14000 BTUs

Power consumption: 950-980 watts/hour


  •          Lower cost.
  •          Easy to operate.
  •          Considerable cooling capacity.
  •          Heat mode.
  •          Quieter than other ACs.
  •          Less power consumption.
  •          Timer option.


  •          Single-hose model.
  •          Not long-lasting.


How to set up and use DeLonghi portable air conditioner?

You do not need extra effort and workforce to install your De’Longhi portable air conditioner. It is much easier than you think. You have to follow only a few steps for the installation process.

Bring out the portable air conditioner from the package carefully;
          Bring out all the parts from the box;        
          Place the air conditioner near a door or window;
         Connect the hose adaptor at the end part of the exhaust hose;
         Fix the window outlet at the other ending part of the hose;
         You can extend it up to 1.2 meters and angle it if necessary;
         Place or fit the window bracket on the window or door sliding.

Your De’Longhi portable air conditioner is now ready to use. Set the timer and use the remote to operate it. But make sure that you close all the doors and windows while using it. It would help if you were careful about another thing- don’t use your portable AC in a damp place like your laundry room.

Do you need to drain your De’Longhi portable AC?

The most common question among the consumers is if they need to drain the DeLonghi portable air conditioner. The answer is yes. Every time you use the portable air conditioner, you have to empty it at the end of the session. However, some people find it troublesome.

How do you clean a DeLonghi portable air conditioner?

It would be best to occasionally clean your DeLonghi portable AC to make it more efficient. It is not difficult to clean. Add three gallons of warm water, half a cup of bleach and one tablespoon of a dishwasher on a bucket. Mix it well and wipe all the visible molds with this formula.

How much energy does the DeLonghi portable AC use?

As many people care about the electricity cost, the power consumption of a portable air conditioner is another popular question. The De’Longhi portable air conditioners consume less energy than other portable ACs, only 950-980 BTUs per hour. It is one of the significant features of the De’Longhi portable air conditioner.


Nowadays people are getting more interested in buying portable air conditioners because of the low cost and movability. A portable air conditioner is usually suitable for a single room.

Although it does not cover up all the facilities that a regular air conditioner does, it is perfect for those people who want to use only one air conditioner instead of several air conditioners for every room. It is also eco-friendly and has energy efficiency.

Among all the portable air conditioners, we find the DeLonghi portable air conditioner Costco one of the portable AC. It comes with some advanced features like dehumidifying and heat mode. Besides, it makes less noise than other portable air conditioners.

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